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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Geopolitical analyst on Duterte vs church, he is against imperial submission to clerical meddlers

Adam Garrie and President Rodrigo Duterte, photo from BayangPilipinas
Adam Garrie, a geopolitical expert on Tuesday defended President Rodrigpo Duterte in his word war with the Roman Catholic church, claiming that the latter is only propagating centuries-old imperialistic beliefs.

He said these in an article posted in which he entitled "Duterte Preaches The Gospel of Earthly Happiness Against Neo-Imperial Submission to Clerical Meddlers".

Garrie went back in history when Europeans imposed to the native Filipinos the idea that they must suffer in life to attain heaven in the afterlife, while these foreigners plunder the country's natural resources, and said that this is the pretext that brought the Roman Catholic church in the Philippines.

He noted how the President stated he renounces the colonial mentality in all of its guises "whether in the form of so-called NGOs meddling against the political will of the Filipino people, politicians paid for by drug cartels or foreign regimes or indeed the Roman Catholic Church that continues to act as a fifth column, attempting to scandalously undermine Philippine democracy."

Duterte recently criticized the Catholic church, quoting the Bible's passages in the Genesis, in the creation story.

"So God was lonely, so he created paradise and that’s planet Earth. And God said, ‘I will create man,’ so there was Adam. God found that Adam was lonely, so he took one of his ribs and created woman. But God doubted his creation so he tested it. He called a snake and told it to give an apple to Eve. Eve ate it and gave it to Adam. And so malice was born," he said.

"Who is this stupid God? You created something perfect and then you think of an event that would destroy the quality of your work. How can you rationalise that God? How can you believe him? So now we’re all born with an original sin? Even in the womb, we already have sin. What kind of religion is that? I believe there is a universal mind. But to what extent is the influence of the – I cannot picture him as a human being…But I really believe, I have this faith and abiding thing about… but don’t believe in religion," he added.
Garrie said Duterte is only reiterating his long held view that the country's Catholic church is corrupt.

He also reminded his readers that the President, like millions, is a victim of church violence, having molested by a priest.

He added that instead of apologizing to Duterte, the Catholic church has worked to criticized his flagship policies by use of the 1987 Constitution, despite the state's separation from the church.

Garrie quoted Duterte, “And I assure you, you can walk around at night and nobody would really bother you. (I will target) drugs, I said, after corruption. I’m a simple man. I have run roughshod against almost everybody—priests, human rights (activists). I don’t give a shit. Those priests and bishops, they didn’t elect me to office. Those (idiots), they’re with the other side”.

The geopolitcs expert said that the President has endorsed views that are separate from that of the Catholic church's.

"Duterte has frequently embraced issues that are red-lines for Catholic Church dogma including same-sex marriage. While Duterte has expressed personal ambivalence regarding divorce, if the Philippine legislature passes a new divorce law, it is very likely Duterte will sign it."