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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Geopolitics expert blasts liberals wanting aggression in territorial disputes: Duterte wants peace and knows the cost

Photo by Asia Times
Adam Garrie, a geopolitics expert and analyst, defended President Rodrigo Duterte, and claimed that the war he is funding against domestic terrorists is  what is realistic and urgent and not the wars the Liberals are pushing for against countries in order to attain the territories the country has claims on.

He said that pushing for friendly relations with other countries is more beneficial to the country, than the aggressive stance that the Filipino Liberals are pushing for, and that his excessive spending on military arms is justifiable, given the rising threats by domestic terrorist groups funded by foreign groups.

"While the Liberals continue to advocate for literally insane wars that the United States would have a difficult time winning without resorting to the use of its nuclear weapons and are likewise irresponsibly advocating for fighting these wars with one of the most technologically outdated armed forces in the region, Duterte instead knows the real wars that must be fought because he understands the nature of non-traditional enemies of the state in the 21st century."
Adam Garrie, photo from Angat Pilipino
This was in defense of Duterte's approval of a military budget increase which will see a 9% rise in funding for the armed forces over a five year period.

Duterte will spend a total of $15 billion on new military hardware, which compares favourably to his predecessor Noynoy Aquino who spent only $1.9 billion on military hardware during that same period.
Garrie said that the irony is seen when the President is trying to establish friendly erelations with foreign countries, making allies with neighbours like China and Malaysia with whom the country is in disagreement with in terms of territoties unclaimed.

China and his instead engaged in a history making rapprochement with Beijing that President Xi hailed as a “golden era” of bilateral relations. Duterte has also renounced hostility regarding old claims against Malaysia and has vowed to instead work in the ASEAN format for cooperation with all south east Asian partners.

He said that the reason is simply that the country cannot win wars against fellow ASEAN states. being "woefully under-equipped".

Garrie said a war China would be a "suicide mission".
"While excessive spending on arms can be a quick way to drain national coffers, in the case of The Philippines, Duterte’s budget increase is both sustainable and necessary. The Philippines is under direct threat from Daesh aligned terrorists who have made inroads in Mindanao, while the threat of NPA sub-political gangsters also remains," Garrie said.

"Perhaps most importantly, while fighting drugs on the streets has helped to secure the human rights of normal Filipinos against a decades long reign of narco-terror, ultimately, stopping drugs on the seas will be even more important than stopping them in the streets," he added.

Garrie added that in this sense, Duterte’s new military budget is the right amount, which will be spent on the right equipment at the right time in order to address the realistic threats posed to the peace and security of The Philippines.

"Like with so much else, when it comes to the military needs of The Philippines, the Liberals want to fight impossible wars with yesterday’s weapons. By contrast, Duterte intends to fight the real enemy and do so with modern technology geared towards domestic security rather than appeasing the fantastical dreams of corrupt politicians," he said.