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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Kadamay 'invades' another government housing project in Rodriguez, Rizal

Kadamay barricades a gov't housing project in Rodriguez, Rizal / photo from RMN News (ctto)

As early as six (6 a.m.) in the morning on Wednesday, tension broke after more than 200 members of informal settlers group called Kadamay tried to occupy the vacant housing units allocated for members of military and police forces.

The housing project for the uniformed personnel is located in Barangay San Isidro in Rodriguez, Rizal.

Fortunately, the local police and its civil disturbance units (CDUs), led by the town police Superintendent Pablito Naganag were able to secure the area immediately and diffused the tension between the aggressive Kadamay group and the homeowner’s association.

The homeowners’ explained that they were among the early beneficiary occupants of around 700 socialized housing units, while other rightful owners are expected to settle in their houses as soon as the documents are completed and finished the proper turnover procedure.

As soon as the local police and barangay officials pacified both parties,  they prodded the Kadamay members who “invaded” the unoccupied houses to vacate it, since these units were already awarded to the rightful owner.

Homeowners and barangay officials denounced the forcible occupation of the vacant houses by these notorious Kadamay members without proper documents pursuant to socialized housing occupancy guidelines to ensure the unit is habitable ( with in place basic electrical, plumbing, toilet, and faucet connections)

Furthermore, the homeowners’ association members said that the awardees of the houses like them must also comply with the requirements, payment terms and stressed that they cannot just barge into any vacant unit and claim it.

By noontime, some members of Kadamay who already retreated from occupying the vacant houses joined the others who were barricading the entrance of the housing site. *

They refused to surrender and demanded the local authorities and the National Housing Authority (NHA) to hear their plea.

Some of the Kadamay members even brought their personal belongings and kitchen utensils, assuming that they could already occupy the housing units in Rodriguez, Rizal.

They insisted that some of their members have applied through the local government of Rodriguez (LGU and NHA).

Meanwhile, on site was NHA community relations division representative Chris Guevarra, who said that all housing units have already been awarded to the qualified beneficiaries and belied the claims of kadamay that these are still available for them.

“Kaya po kami nag-rarally para aksiyonan naman yung aming mga hinaing,” said Kadamay National Chairman Gloria Arellano.

Arellano reasoned out the slow response to their petition in behalf of the kadamay members who merely found these housing units unoccupied but without proper verification from the local government.

Further, Arellano explained that their members barricading the site near San Isidro are those who have filed an application for their relocation based on reportedly Palace resolution granting them with affordable houses for the poor that are ready for occupancy.

If recalled, it was also the Kadamay group that forcibly claimed the unoccupied housing units in Pandi, Bulacan for uniformed personnel.

 photo from RMN News (ctto)

photo from PTV news (ctto)

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