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Friday, June 29, 2018

Lorenzana: There are 8 Reasons the public should know why Peace Talk will stop whether Sison pursue or not

CPP founder Joma Sison and DND Secretary Delfin Lorenzana / Composite photo from ABS CBN (ctto)

Joma Sison said on Thursday that CPP will no longer negotiate with the government and will focus instead on ousting President Rodrigo Duterte.

Meanwhile, retired military official Abe Purugganan shared on a Facebook post the eight reasons that the public must know as to why the government will stop the Peace Talk with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Joma Sison whether Sison will pursue or not. (according to the National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana).

Check out the complete post below for reference:

THE PUBLIC SHOULD KNOW- Defense Secretary Lorenzana

There are eight (8) reasons why we will stop the Peace Negotiations even if Jose Maria Sison will pursue or not:

1.    The Government found out that during the last Unilateral ceasefire last 2016 until Jan 2017, the CNN (Communist Party of the Philippines/New People’s Army/National Democratic Front) held the largest and the 2nd People’s Congress (Oct-Nov 2016) & the Central Committee Plenum (Dec 2016) wherein they crafted a 3-Year Plan To Advance the Revolutionary Movement to include planning for OUST DUTERTE MOVEMENT if PRRD will not agree to a Coalition Government;

2. By January 2017, the National Military Commission of the CNN reinforces the earlier plenum Agenda. Thus, the CNN were able to consolidate, recover their lost ground and mass base, etc..;

3. By May 2017, the CNN formally launched the OUST DUTERTE which will culminate on Oct 2018;

4. Thus, The CNN is not sincere to talk peace and end the Armed Conflict as evidenced by their statements and actions. They are employing the Revolutionary Dual Tactics to show semblance of Peace but continually conducting Violence and Terror Acts on the ground;*

5. The ongoing review of all Peace Documents and Agreements revealed that it lays down the foundation of Power Sharing towards Coalition Government. In fact, The GRP Panel during the Aquino Administration recommended the Abrogation of the Talks because we are just taken for a Ride. The GRP Panel then made serious studies and they believed the CNN Panel are not truthful, sincere and honest except to get concessions of releases of high party members and recovering their lost grounds and mass base;

6. Majority of the ICCs/IPs in Mindanao do not want Ceasefire primarily because it increases the presence of NPAs. The IPs also wanted the CNN to publicly apologize for their act of crimes and terrorism against the ICCs/IPs for almost 50 years where almost a thousand IPs were murdered by the CNN.

7. The CNN can’t comply to the four (4) preconditions of PRRD so they can go back to the Negotiating Table. These are considered by the President as sign of sincerity:

a. No arson/attacks, 
      b. No revolutionary tax/extortion, 
      c. NPA to stay in a safe areas of their choice, 
      d. No recruitment/mass mobilization.

8. They are classified (CPP-NPA) as a Terrorist Organization locally and Internationally. They could have their chance when PRRD offered Peace by putting in 4 Cabinet Members then. But what the 4 Secretaries did instead was to take advantage of the Government Machinery to advance the Revolutionary Movement*

Ito talagang si Sison he never ceases to amaze me. He begs for a peace talk and a ceasefire and now turns around that they will no longer negotiate with this government and threatens to destabilize the administration. Ano ba ang ginagawa nila for the past 49 years? Di ba since 1968 walang patid ang destabilisation nila to weaken the government so that their armed struggle will succeed and they could take over the government? Ngayon litaw na litaw na ang kanilang strategy: Talk peace and then press for a ceasefire so that they can regain lost grounds. Yan ang ultimate objective ng peace talks sa CPP/NDF.

Ang pakikipag usap ay isang paraan lamang para isulong ang kanilang tinatawag na armed struggle. During peace talks, peace is the furthest thing from their minds. They have admitted that peace talks is basically in support their armed struggle. It is never the principal objective. Their term "just and lasting peace" is a situation when they have finally succeeded in their armed struggle, definitely not our idea of just and lasting peace.

Ngayong gustong himayin at intindihin ng ating mahal na Pangulo ang mga naging kasunduan na halos lahat pabor sa kanila ay nagmamaktol siya at nananakot. Palagi kasi silang pinagbibigyan ng gobyerno. He is the quintessential spoiled brat.*

Let us not be lulled or hoodwinked by Sison's glib tongue about reforms. They will institute reforms all right, but along communist lines when they have finally won. In fact, they don't even have to win because their socialistic CASER, which they are trying to ram down our throats, will ensure that they will have a foothold in governance.

The government, on the other hand, has been instituting reforms in accordance with our laws, our resources and our people’s most pressing needs, such as land reform, job generation projects, infrastructure development, and other poverty alleviation initiatives. But Sison and his ilk do not want these projects to succeed. The anti-poor NPAs have been trying hard to sabotage these pro-people projects by burning equipment and intimidating contractors.

Mr. Sison, yung mga buladas mo ay matagal nang kumita at laos na. Marami nang NPA ang hindi naniniwala sa iyo. Sino kaya ang paniniwalaan nila: ikaw na nagpapasarap at komportable diyan sa Netherlands o ang Presidenteng ginagawa ang lahat para mapabuti ang buhay nila? They know that every time you order them to fight the government forces, you are sending them to their death while you are comfortably enjoying your safety in the Netherlands and freeloading off the Dutch Government. Dapat kang mahiya dahil inabandona mo ang iyong mga mandirigma. That's why they are coming down in droves to live peaceful and productive lives. Sawa na sila sa panloloko mo.

Mr. Sison, you know that the peace talks is the only thing that is keeping you in the limelight. Without it you are irrelevant. You also know that the President can terminate the talks, and this is why you are desperately using reverse psychology and intimidation to save it.

Mr. Sison, in response to your threats we will vigorously pursue our ongoing localized peace process instead. I am sure that once you are out of the picture, true peace will have a chance to become a reality and you will be consigned to the dustbin of history!

Source: Abe Purugganan