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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Money circulating in our economy is full of laundered money from LP – Former Air Force General

The past 30 years for the Philippines has been fraught with corruption, bribery, and crimes that go unpunished because the authorities in charge of carrying out justice are silenced, bought, or are the corruptors themselves.
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Retired Air Force General, Abe Purugganan relays that this has been the way of life for Philippine politics for a long time because of the succession of Yellows who came into power.

Had the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) executed its tasks and religiously took down or held accountable guilty politicians for their crimes, the state of the country would not be as it is now.
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The damages from the previous administrations’ incompetence has been placed for repairs under President Rodrigo Duterte. Purugganan shares that many of the Liberal Party’s (LP) cohorts became rich after the First People Power.

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Additionally, mainstream media rallied to help protect the status quo because they were, in a way, benefiting from airing the positive attributes of a corrupt administration. For the past 30 years, only the power of the few ruled everyone’s lives.

Purugganan believes that it will be difficult to reinvent Philippine politics without constitutional change. The 1987 “Cory” Constitution must be done away to welcome real changes to the country.
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In his full post on Facebook, Purugganan said,

"Money circulating in our economy is full of laundered money from corruption and illegal drugs. The political elite or the liberals who are the number one  money launderers know this. Banks know this. BSP knows this. IC on AML knows it also.
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Kung epektibo lang ang ating AMLC, mabubuyayang ang sekreto ng mga politiko at oligarkya. For the last 30 years since the liberals came into power, the political elite and the oligarchy have been laundering money thru the help of our banks. I  am sure you are one of those who are bewildered by the liberals and other politicians  who became instant millionaires and so with bankrupt corporations that became seemingly profitable after EDSA 86.
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It pains us to know that we can't do  anything. Our current system can't help us. These people blatantly insult us and treat us  as fools despite our knowledge of the truth. Corrupt politicians and the oligarchy with the help of the traditional media continue to cover their crimes with lies and deceit. For the last 30 years, they have presumed that they can get away with their crimes because they have considered the Filipino people as ignorants and fools.
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Unfortunately, we can't change this without changing the Cory Constitution. 

Constitutional change will not happen with all the money launderers in Congress. I hope the call of the President for concom will materialize, otherwise the only recourse for us is thru a people power or a revolution. May our God help us on this and show us the  peaceful and fastest way to restore order in our government and nation."

Source: Abe Purugganan