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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mother of children with autism says: I have cursed God worse than Duterte

Maureen Rose Mejia-Villar, a netizen in support of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, took to Facebook to express her thoughts on the issue of Duterte cursing at God and calling Him “stupid”.
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Mejia-Villar went on to defend the president, saying that Duterte is being just like everybody else. 

One who curses the Lord if struck with hardships and struggles.

She shares her own experience of questioning God and cursing at Him when she was dealing with pain.
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Mejia-Villar said that when she found out that her 3 sons had autism, she questioned God’s role in her life and how unfair He was being to her. Which is why she thinks that Duterte’s statements and outbursts is not new. Many people have questioned God’s existence and kindness before, she says.

She then goes on to say that questioning God is okay as a lot of people, including herself, has done it before. She also says that this is a natural process of religiosity.
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She says that amidst these hardship, God did not abandon her, and gave her troubles that He knows she can surpass. What kept her going was her faith.
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Mejia-Villar then goes to say that humans are naturally inquisitive beings which makes it okay to question the almighty. In fact, she says question everything because that is the only way for us to exercise our freewill.

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"Again, another pm asking me why am I not calling out Duterte , whom he says, committed blasphemy by calling God stupid, etc, etc....
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Well, it's because I think I have called, insulted, and hurled far more severe expletives at God than Duterte has...about 6 years ago...when my sons were diagnosed with autism.

I asked Him angrily why...out of all the 7 BILLION plus human beings on this Earth...why did He give me 3 human beings with special needs for me to take care of for the rest of their entire lifetimes!

Can you fucking imagine my despair? Can you imagine my anger? Can you imagine my frustration? 

Can you imagine my pain?
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Do you understand why I don't believe that Duterte is being unique by attacking God with his religious skepticism?

Because he is not alone! Duterte is not the only one with questions.

Like him and many others, we have been there! We have done it; question God...asking Him WHY?!
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So, you think I'm being despicable and blasphemous for questioning God? Why me? Why my children? Why is this happening to my life?

And even when I question Him, I know He loves me. I have experienced His miracles.
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He hasn't abandoned me yet...even during THAT lowest point in my life when I thought of giving up by committing suicide. It would've been so easy, you know. But I just couldn't. I was never a defeatist.

I have a tumultuous relationship with MY God. But He made me realize that He has actually given me all that I need to manage and cope with whatever challenge I would face in my life. Because I'm very much aware that God will never give me a problem that I cannot overcome. You might think you can't, but can. The struggle will be real, but All you need to do is BELIEVE as I do; as I always have. And believing in God has never been easy since time immemorial.
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Because we are curious beings, we cannot help but ask...and wonder...and come up with our own opinions about anything and everything. It's in our human nature.

Unfortunately, even with the intelligence that God gifted humankind, most of us are still ill-equipped to recognize evil even when the Devil himself is already staring us in the face.

So, Don't be fooled by foxes in sheep's clothing.

And, YES, DO QUESTION EVERYTHING. It's what your FREEWILL is for."

Source:  Maureen Rose Mejia-Villar