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Monday, June 4, 2018

PCOO exec responds to comments of Duterte's bashers on nonsense kiss; her responses will leave you speechless

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and PCOO Usec. Lorraine Marie Badoy | Photo CTTO
As the great Thomas Aquinas very well said it, "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible".

In the eyes of illogical critics who does not have an open mind, no explanation will be enough to clear out the things that are in dire need of clarifying. And no matter how good a person does for his fellow, to them, none of it would ever matter.

This point of view is where the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Undersecretary Lorraine Marie Badoy is coming from.

Following the kissing game of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte with a random Filipina in Seoul, South Korea that was intended to draw cheers from the crowd of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), pretentious moralists throw stones to the cool president whose only intention was to keep a fun atmosphere as a consolation to his Filipino supporters.

The commander-in-chief know very well how hard the job of his countrymen is overseas. Which is why keeping an entertaining approach (instead of too formal) of his appearance before the audience who waited for his visit in Seoul for such a long time seemed to be the president's mindset.

After all, it is to give the OFWs a warm visit, apart from his lucrative meeting with the government officials of South Korea, that brought Pres. Duterte there in the first place.

However, instead of focusing on the vast benefits that the said meeting bore to the country, critics of the president have become experts in turning a blind eye to them and grab any chance they get just to attack the good leader.

Those who are anti-Duterte will always find a way to magnify the things that do not even deserve a bit of attention with hopes of giving the great chief executive a bad name.
Photo CTTO
Luckily, there are people who truly knows, and experience firsthand, the genuine goodness of the president like the PCOO Usec who would go far in defending the highest leader of the land. 

Below are the comments to which the PCOO Usec. Lorraine Marie Badoy responded:

A long exchange on my thread that I want to share with you guys.

Hater's comment is in quotation marks.

Lover's comment (Ako yon.) in response to comments in quotation marks.

***"Ah, so this is how you choose to address the kissing incident - you make light of it"***

nope. to make light of it? would you rather i join you nattering nabobs of negativity and put on your su!c!d@l sourpuss facial expressions and make like it is the end of the world?

no thanks. i support our president bec i see the awesome things he does for our country. he is 73 yrs old and i see just how he works himself to the bone.
Photo CTTO
it is no small thing he does. our country is now the fastest growing economy in the ASEAN region and 2nd in the world. care to tell me when it was that we even got close to this?

***"Ang hirap naman kasi talaga i-defend 'diba so nervous laughter or kebs na lang"***

wrong. this president is the easiest president to defend bec he ACCOMPLISHES real and important things for the country.

there is no nervous laughter where i am. i stand strong and confidently by the side of this president as i work alongside him to do my humble share in making our country stronger.
Photo CTTO
eh ikaw, may nagawa ka na ba? aber ha. pakisabi dito.

***"At meron ka pang nalalamang 5 billion dollars and 500,000 (sic) jobs pasalubong para kunwari justified/forgivable naman 'yung ginawa ni Pres. Duterte"***

ang hirap din maging hater ano? biro mo 5 billion USD and 50,000 jobs created minamaliit mo na para bang pang justify sa kung anong nasa imahinasyon mo na hindi kapata-patawad na ginawa nya.

50,000 jobs--alamoba ibig sabihin nyan? 50,000 Filipino families will surely have food on their tables, clothes on their backs, a roof over their heads.

i'm not the confused one here when it comes to what it is that truly matters.

it seems to me, YOU'RE the one that needs to be enlightened about poverty and what it does to a country and what the implications of those jobs are to a country with MILLIONS living in poverty.
Photo CTTO
tell me, what have you done for those who live in poverty that you can pooh-pooh those jobs? and how much have you raised for this country that you think 5bn USD is a paltry amount --equivalent to some cheap justification you think i need to foist on you haters so you don't see what it is the overwhelming majority of filipinos see?

so para sayo, HINDI KAPATA-PATAWAD ang paghalik na yon ng pangulo?

ang tindi mo din ano?


shempre para sa iyong halatang ayaw kay pangulo, nothing is ever enough.

ang tawag jan WALANG MODO.

ANO ang nagawa mo para sa bayan para maisip mo na may karapatan kang HINDI PATAWARIN ang isang pangulo na tao din tulad mo?

seryosong tanong yan ha. sana sagutin mo yan.

***"No, Usec. Badoy, when it comes to RESPECTING WOMEN, the President is not moving our country forward"***
Photo CTTO
well then this just goes to show how ignorant you are about who rodrigo roa duterte is and what his track record as public servant is.

let me educate you then.

then mayor rodrigo roa duterte was the main driving force for why the city's gender code came into fruition--that same gender code upon which other provinces patterned their own gender code--and where our own country's gender code was patterned after.

what is this gender code?
This GAD Code has in it programs and support services that cover the following:

1. Political empowerment and representation of women in decision making processes

2. Socio cultural opportunities in health, education, justice, v!0lence against women, media, culture and arts

3. Economic benefits/opportunities in labor and development, environment, agriculture, infrastructure and IT.

4.Programs that respond to specific gender issues of the locality such as prostitution, etc)
5. Programs that respond to gender issues of special groups us: rural women, girl-children, differently-abled, indigenous people, older women, persons in armed conflict situations.

and he backed it up with funding. powerful funding where a full 30% of Official Development Assistance funds and six percent of city’s Annual Developmental Fund was allocated to gender-sensitive projects.
Photo CTTO
he got important things done for women. not just this shameless ngawngaw you seem to be so good at where you raise a fist and call it 'furthering the women's movement"

sit down before you hurt yourself.

this president has done more for women--even when it wasn't in to do so--than you negative nattering nabobs have.

so please. educate yourself before you pontificate empty platitudes from the comfort of your sofa.

and while this 73 yr old man--flawed, yes--does all he can for country.


Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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