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Monday, June 11, 2018

PhilHealth chief "Buhay reyna!" spends year living in P3,800 per night hotel

PhilHealth interim President Celestina Dela Serna, photo from Rappler
PhilHealth interim President Celestina Dela Serna was reported to have been staying for a year at a hotel, and paying Php 3,800 per night, allegedly charging the expenses to PhilHealth funds.

This was according to Negros Oriental Rep. Arnulfo Teves, who claimed that he was with House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez when they talked to Dela Serna at an event in the House of Representatives and they were both shocked at Dela Serna's lifestyle.

“She admitted to staying in the hotel for one year or more… More or less one year sa hotel siya nakatira charged to Philhealth and she said she thought it was okay, that’s why she did it,” Teves said.

The lawmaker said that it was Dela Serna herself who admitted to staying at the hotel Legend Villas.

Teves said, “Imagine you have a Philhealth president na ganoon?” 

As a response to the information he gathered, Teves filed  House Resolution 1928 directing the House committee on Good Government and Public Accountability to conduct an inquiry, in aid of legislation, into the “gross financial and operational management, corruption, as well as the proliferation of fraud through the creation of ghost members in PhilHealth.”
Dela Serna's expenditures will also be a subject in the congressional hearing.

This according to Teves is because of the fact that sources have told him that her expenses are "wasteful and extravagant".

Earlier, the PhilHealth chief was also flagged by the Commission on Audit.

This was because amidst the reported loss of PhilHealth of 8.92 billion pesos, Dela Serna managed to spend Php 627,000 for her travels.

Source: Patricia Laurel