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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Piolo Pascual: Ang panahon ng halimaw ay tungkol sa martial law, tungkol sa diktaduryang Marcos

Piolo Pascual, photo from Google
Almost every Filipino is aware about what Martial Law is. This is due to its vast impact in the country during the time of the late strongman, President Ferdinand Marcos.

But is the public accurately informed about the truth regarding what actually transpired during that time that some consider as the golden age of the Philippines? Unfortunately, books and newspapers are simply not reliable for one to source their information from.

When one is asked on his take vis-a-vis the rise of military government in the country, expecting that person's answer to be very negative is no new to many.

The most sought after actor, singer, producer and entrepreneur Piolo Pascual shares the same point of view.

The in-demand actor is one of the few people in the Philippines' show business who is not unfamiliar to the world of politics.
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This is because earlier in his life, the very successful actor-turned-producer already starred in some films tackling the political arena.

In Chito Roño’s award-winning film “Dekada ’70” with Pascual playing the role of Jules, a student activist who was tortured during the Marcos regime, the actor was awarded several acting trophies in as early as 2002.

Sixteen years later, the 41-year-old revisits the part of our nation’s history that some see as our country's dark chapter of the past.

Portraying a role of a human rights victim, Pascual stars in a latest film of Lav Diaz’s entitled “Ang Panahon ng Halimaw” (Season of the Devil).

In a column from Inquirer, the business-minded actor shared his thoughts about the controversial era of President Marcos which remains to be debatable up to this very moment.
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According to the article, Pascual 'feels strongly about his latest collaboration with the internationally acclaimed auteur' adding that the former said Filipinos need to watch “Halimaw”.

“This situation has been going on [for quite some time]. And it’s not just happening here; it’s a global problem. We need to be more aware”, he continued.

Further, the same explained that “the season of the devil is all about martial law, about the Marcos dictatorship. As citizens, we were oppressed. We don’t want that to happen again, and that’s why we have this film.”

Pascual who is a father to Kapamilya actor Inigo Pascual emphasized the importance of recalling history, so that we could avoid repeating the same mistakes.

“If we don’t look back, then the youth will grow up being insensitive, not knowing what’s happening around them,” he clarified. “We have to constantly remind them and bombard them with facts. So that they would realize that their participation in our society is crucial.”
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In addition, the author of the piece from Inquirer noted that 'more than a reminder, the film is a “call to action”.'

“We are the representatives of the oppressed,” he said. “We are the voice of the voiceless.”

When it had a theatrical run in Ayala cinemas recently, the film struggled to find its audience. However, getting shown in local moviehouses was a form of victory in itself, Piolo mentioned.

“We were just really happy that we got shown commercially and locally, because this is an important film,” he added.

“You know, it was just sad that some people were not willing to support it.”, the Kapamilya actor remarked.

According to the article, some cinemas even declined to screen the said movie—for political reasons.

“Ang Panahon ng Halimaw” is currently showing in theaters in France, as well as in festivals in Lima, Peru and Sydney, Australia.
Pascual (left) and Angel Aquino in “Halimaw”, photo from Inquirer
Source: Inquirer