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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Prominent Lawyer urges corruption probe against Senator Frank Drilon

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, in her personal Facebook blog called "Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles", recently published a post wary of Senator Franklin Drilon.

The lawyer's wariness is anchored on recent accusation that the senator is linked or associated to certain corruption schemes of which Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles is very supportive of. 

Also in her Facebook post, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles urged the public to also be supportive of corruption raps filed against big time politicians like the ilk of Senator Frank Drilon. Such support, as how the prominent lawyer view it, enable concerned politicians to be engaged in the said raps. Otherwise, if people become negligent, so do were the politicians involved.

"When we waive away a potentially devastating case against a politician by saying, "wala namang mangyayari yan" we are actually supporting the politician's guilt. And allowing him to get away with it," Atty. Cruz-Angeles started.

She added, "Once we project that this official will get through the system as he has done often before, we make it acceptable." 

Anchored on her previous assertions, Atty. Cruz-Angeles consequently emphasized the frustration she felt every time the public lose faith as far as indiction of big time corrupt officials are concerned.

"That is why nakakagalit talaga yung mga reactions like, "Eh wala naman ebidensya yan eh." or "Lulusot lang naman yan eh." Gaya ng ginagawa ng iba dyan kay Drilon. I mean, whose side are you on? Do you WANT him to get away?" Atty. Cruz-Angeles stated. 

"If our officials sense that the public is not supportive or is apathetic -- as in walang pakialam -- o kaya tanggap naman na deds yung kaso, they will act accordingly," she claimed.

Having corruption raps being participated and well supported by the public will make the corruption cases, according to Atty. Cruz-Angeles, more "prosecutable".

"Tingin nyo may gaganahan mag prosecute dito gayon ngang di naman well received ng publiko?... Stop this nonsense of apathy. Push for the prosecution of Frank Drilon and lets unburden the senate. And remember, what an investigation is for... to gather evidence," the lawyer asserted.

"Kayo talaga, ang bilis nyo naman i-abswelto. Pahirapan naman natin. Lalo na, kung may kasalanan," she urged conclusively.


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