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Monday, June 11, 2018

Purugganan opposes Alejandrino: Let them be, let us get ready

Retired General Abe Purugganan recently shared on Facebook a reply to a post made by columnist Jose Alejandrino telling former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to stop destabilizing the Duterte government.
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In the post by Alejandrino, he tackles the actions allegedly made by ousted Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno and Trillanes, calling them “paranoid.”

Alejandrino says that Sereno called on the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to revolt against the Duterte administration.
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Purugganan insults Sereno by saying that she might be losing sense of her mental faculties. He adds that Sereno’s alleged statement of the AFP overthrowing the current administration will only be a dream for her because the AFP will not attempt to overthrow a duly-elected president.
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Sereno is not the only one he attacks. He also says that Trillanes implied that him dying can lead to the ousting of the current president.

He says that Trillanes is not likely to be killed and should not worry about his safety because he will “land in jail where he belongs.”

Alejandrino tells them both to “calm down” and not destabilize the current government.
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Purugganan on the other hand, welcomed the thoughts from the opposition.

In his Facebook post, he says that Sereno and Trillanes should just be left alone, and if they wish to bring problems to the country, what the public should do is to be prepared.

Purugganan said that going on to war against Sereno and Trillanes is a “golden opportunity to cleanse the rotten political system of the Philippines."
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He calls on the public to join forces if ever the situation escalations into a revolution. Purugganan says that it would be the ultimate opportunity to stop the corruption in the country.

Read his full post of Purugganan below:

"Hayaan silang manggulo kung yan ang gusto nila. Kung mangyari man, salamat sapagkat ito ay isang ginintuang oportunidad para linisin ang ating bayan ng bulok na sistema at pulitika. Kaya tayong mga mamamayan na nagnanais ng tunay na pagbabago, ay niyaya ko na maghanda at magkaisa para sa pagkakataon na ito. Kung magyayari man, dapat lubusan na tapusin at wakasan natin ang kalokohan sa ating pulitika na nagpapahirap sa ating mga Pilipino at nagdadala ng kamalasan sa ating bayan. Kaya maging alerto.

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Here is Alejandrino's post:


"Lourdes Sereno is calling on the AFP to revolt. Trillanes is implying if he is killed it will be the end of Duterte. He wants to project himself as another Ninoy Aquino. Both are obviously paranoid. The best thing to do is to ignore them. They're just publicity seekers.

"There is no need for Trillanes to worry about his personal safety. No need for anyone to kill him because he will land back sooner or later in jail where he belongs.
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"As for Sereno, I suspect she is losing her mental balance. Does she really think the AFP will overthrow a duly-elected president? She can dream all she wants. Surprising she should advocate sedition and rebellion for someone who claims to uphold the law.

"My advice to both of them is to calm down. Don't keep destabilizing the Duterte government. By doing it, you're promoting more anger and hate which will backfire on you." By Jose Alejandrino"

Source: Abe Purugganan