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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sara Duterte strikes again at Trillanes: "You are a coward. Such a disgrace"

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte Carpio launched another savage attack at Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, branding him a coward and a disgrace.
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May time ka magpresscon pero wala ka na time kapag sinagot ka na,” she commented on Instagram.

Hindi ako naniniwala dati sa sinasabi nila pero paniwala na ako, you are a coward. I do not know why you became a soldier and a Senator. Such a disgrace,” she said.

Trillanes earlier tried to end the word war with the presidential daughter when he refused to comment on her “leave me alone” statement.

Hindi ko na lang siguro papatulan ‘yan. I don’t have time for that,” Trillanes said in a media interview.

Sara Duterte on Wednesday lashed back at Trillanes for claiming that she will run for president in 2022 to keep her family in power.

The feisty mayor took to Facebook to slam Trillanes, who on Tuesday said President Rodrigo Duterte may push her to attempt to succeed him if other options for perpetuating power—declaring nationwide martial law or a revolutionary government and Charter change—fail.

Leave me alone, Senator Trillanes. The last time a person irked me, I made sure to make it difficult for him to bring me down,” she said, citing the losing mayoral bid of erstwhile political rival, former Speaker Prospero Nograles, in 2010.
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She advised the opposition Senator not to think of her or speak of her name.

"Like Speaker Alvarez, my advice to you is not to think of me, speak of my name, not even a whisper of Inday Sara from your ugly lips," she said.

Leave me in peace in Davao City or else you and your friends will spend more than a billion in the 2022 presidential elections just to make me insignificant. Let me repeat, do not bother me and my slot will be available for a yellow Senator for the 2019 elections,” Sara said.

President Duterte imagines you will be shot, on the other hand, I will make sure you are alive and in pain. I have been described as heartless by my mother, please do not anger me so that you may remain relevant for the future generation. And you should listen to my mother," she added.