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Monday, June 11, 2018

This is how powerful the Philippines was before it was ruined by People Power

5th Fighter Wing era! Philippine Air Force Blue Diamonds Marcos era 1970s now Gone forever. Photo courtesy of PAFAcer Angel Mapua PAFFS CL'53
Weapons are just one of the things that the country's national security department is prioritizing to ensure that it is capable of protecting its very own people when the situation calls for it.

In one of the Facebook posts of the page Philippine Shocking History, it gave the netizens a glimpse of how, not just progressive, but also how successful our country was during the time of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos with pictures to prove its authenticity.

According to it, the the weapons during Marcos era to secure the national security were 'secretly owned' and are now 'gone forever'.

The page also discussed how Marcos has been dem0nized by his opponents through books, newspapers and media.

'People had become power hungry after his fall. Instead of developing the Philippines, they are fighting each other and backstabbing each other. The treacherous ideas of his enemies had attacked him and all his dreams had been lost', the page noted.

Indeed, it made a good point when it said 'Too much Democracy and Freedom had made Philippines poor and chaotic'.

Below is the exposé by Philippine Shocking History:
June 21, 1985 " A show of Force " luneta. 50 tanks rolled through the streets in a two and a half hour spectacular. Thirty six helicopters and 24 Jet Fighters whistled overhead. At least 5,000 troops including 2 batallions of elite combat rangers marched before the grandstand. In all, it was the biggest show of military might since World W@r 2 in the Philippines. In 1980's Marcos Showing The Power of the Philippines Against Malaysia to Take Back Control of Sabah. But it's never happen cause of Ninoy Aquino Blow out the plan to Malaysia
Philippine Airforce "Blue Diamonds" -F86. Last flights year 2000. Cause of very Old Jet now it's just a memory forgotten and Rotten
The very First Rocket of the Philippines the Bong-Bong Rocket Own made Philippines first in southeast Asia. Unknown Status Now gone Forever

The Sta Barbara Secret Project

Successful experimental and test fire demonstration.

Since December 1972, a series of 37 dynamic tests were conducted on the 180 MM rocket. All the tests were performed at Caballo Island except for four firings which were conducted in Fort Magsaysay. Different versions or configurations of the 180 MM rocket were used: short version, with fixed fins. Long version with fixed fins, long version with folding fins, and the PATO (Pressure Assisted Take Off) type. The launchers tested were the Fixed-Open Frame (short), Fixed-Open frame (long), Truck-mounted tube launcher, truck-mounted open frame, and the Submerged Launcher for underwater firing. The results of the tests showed that the Truck-mounted Open Frame launcher is the most appropriate for the 180 MM rocket, and the configuration is narrowed down to the short and long versions both with fixed fins

Above) Rocket launched. (Right-Bottom) Filipino officials (left) Defense Secretary Juan P. Enrile and (right) Commodore Alfredo C. Protacio.

Based in the results of the tests conducted, the optimum preheat sequence time was found to be 20 seconds. The fuse detonation performance was 100% for all the dynamic tests of the development phase. All the problems and difficulties previously encountered during the experimental phase have been eliminated. With regards to the establishment of the firing table for the weapon system, additional 30 dynamic tests are still needed. The launcher truck has been modified to enable it to fire four rockers either in salvo or simultaneously.

Rocket badge pinned by Defense Secretary Juan P. Enrile on Commodore Alfredo C. Protacio.

The project still remain a mystery
Philippines made 1970's

Philippines once developed Anti Typhoon Rockets during Marcos regime. 

This is some photos from different newspaper where the Philippines are developing an anti-typhoon rockets during Marcos presidency. 
Bukang Liway-liway Rocket Project 1970's now same like Russian rocket katsuya
Ang Kasaysayan ng Delta Motors Philippines 1984

Ang sasakyang DELTA MINI CRUISER 90% made in Philippines Noong mid-70s ibinibenta pa ito sa merkado hangang 1984. Hangang tuloyan mawala at makalimutan. Ang nagdisenyo mga inhinyero ng Sandatahan Lakas ng Pilipinas ng isang sasakyang akma sa kanilang pangangailangan. Matapos magawa ang disenyo, nakipag-ugnay sila sa Delta Motors na local assembler ng mga sasakyang gawa ng Toyota. Noo'y gumagawa na ng makina ng 12-R ang Delta dito sa Pilipinas ayon sa disenyo ng Toyota-Japan. Ang ilang parte ng sasakyang iyan ay buhat sa Chrysler-Canada. Kaya ang Delta Cruiser o Explorer sa ibang version ay 90% Filipino made. Noo'y naie-export natin iyan sa South America, Papua New Guinea at iba pang mga bansa ngunit Hindi na Suportahan ng Gobyerno kaya tuloyan na Wala sa Merkado .. Noong mag-take over ang Toyota sa Delta Motors mga mid-80s, ang sasakyang ito ay pinalitan ng pangalan at nagin TOYOTA MINI CRUISER..

Hummingbird - the first Philippine-made helicopter flight in 1980's to 1900's

The helicopter is known as the Hummingbird. It was designed and developed by the Philippine Aerospace Defense Company (PADC) which also developed the Defiant 300 aircraft in 1980’s. It was basically an improvement of the German MBB Bo 105 helicopter.After the initial development stage
Philippine first MADE hovercraft named "Pugo"

During the PAF's Self-reliance and Development Group (SRDG) 4th anniversary in 1977, a locally developed hovercraft dubbed "Pugo" was sucessfully launched in Paranaque. The vehicle is powered by two 225 hp reciprocating aircraft engines, one for the lift system that drives a 5 ft. diameter centrifugal lift fan. It has a capacity of up to 2000ibs. of cargo and up to 6 to 8 passengers. The vehicle is mainly intended for the SAR role but can be armed with two .50cal LMGs

after edsa revolution the project is abandoned

Alam nyo ba?

Mayroon na tayong Hospital Ship noong panahon ni dating Pangulong Marcos (gaya ng mayroon ngayon ang Estados Unidos at Tsina). Mayroon itong search and rescue helicopter landing pad ang floating hospital na ito. Alam kasi ni Marcos na nasa sentro tayo ng typhoon alley, tectonic plates at ring of fire. Kaya, pinaghahandaan niya sa kalamidad at kaligtasan ang mga Filipino noon. Sayang nga lang at lumubog ito sa isang sunog na sakuna.

Ngaun isa nalang alala Hindi na maibabalik

The Philippine Shocking History post reads,

The Unknown Secret own Made Weapons of the Philippines 1970's to 1980's now Gone Forever.

During Marcos Time Philippines is the Most Powerful in Southeast Asia

Marcos' 20 year iron rule has been the golden age in the Philippines. Sometime on his reign, Philippines had become the 2nd richest country and the most literate in Asia. Many schools, hospital, bridges etc are dedicated to make Greater Philippines a superpower alongside USA and China.

However, all his enemies had united in the so-called "People Power."

Marcos was forced to exile and died in Hawaii, as a sad martyr who only wanted the development of his nation. His fall from power started the "Times of Troubles" in the Philippines. Too much Democracy and Freedom had made Philippines poor and chaotic. Have you ever thought that after Marcos, almost ALL politicians wanted to become "President".

People had become power hungry after his fall. Instead of developing the Philippines, they are fighting each other and backstabbing each other. The treacherous ideas of his enemies had attacked him and all his dreams had been lost.

His image has been defamed by books, newspapers and medias, all of whom were without historical analysis. He is in fact a GOOD DICTATOR who devoted more than 20 years of his life on the happiness and glory of Philippines.

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