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Friday, June 15, 2018

TRENDING: A very striking open letter to Leni Robredo

Netizen Hedda Joy Tady Tan, in one of her Facebook post, published a very striking open letter addressed to Vice President Leni Robredo. 

According to Tan, she was “among those duped to have voted for Leni as Vice President.” She [Tan] also pinpointed the significant blunders committed under the leadership of the Liberal Party which was poorly and ineffectively handled.


Dear Leni Robredo,

I was an impressionable child who stayed glued to the television as EDSA unfolded three decades ago. 

My heart swelled with pride as I saw images of military tanks stopped in the middle of the streets by young women holding up flowers to the uniformed soldiers on those tanks.

I watched, awed by the nuns and priests who held arms together, in what I thought was a true fight for freedom - such willingness to die for country, I thought. 

I saw Ramos, with Enrile on his side, jump for joy, upon the news that the Marcoses have left Malacanang for Hawaii. 

I watched, islands away in Iloilo, as barbed wire from the Malacanang palace were cut off by Filipino citizens, to be taken home as souvenirs. 

And together with images from the Free Press graphically showcasing our poverty, when martial law was imposed at that time,  I thought to myself, I was going to become a journa list, because my people are the kind who take up weapons (words and body) to fight for others, to fight for free expression, and to defend freedom and democracy!

But then college years came and our country was still deep in poverty. I chose Nursing school because that would make me financially viable so I could be a contributing member of my family when I graduate. 

Years passed, and I was living abroad, and the promise of BETTER from the Aquinos never came. But it wasn't so much the lack of economic progress that was painful to watch from the outside and more painful to experience every time I came home.

It was these three under another Aquino that made me SEE what EDSA was truly about: 

- the REFUSAL of PNoy to apologize for the botched bus hostage taking of tourists from Hongkong shamed us OFWs out here. Bangkok OFWs and Filipino community leaders took it upon ourselves to ask for an audience at the Chinese embassy to bring flowers and to express our condolences. Our president did not come up to expectations! That should have been his job!

- the Yolanda unpreparedness, and the lack of DECISIVENESS at the height of a disaster was hurtful to watch from the outside. Again, ordinary Filipino citizens in Thailand worked together for months, to bring HOME substantial help for our people - We sent help to Leyte, Bantayan island in Cebu and to Estancia, Iloilo - among the places where Haiyan made landfall. 

But the most shameful of all about our leaders then, was the LOOTING of goods and donations that came from foreign countries.What monstrosity steals from those who just lost everything, whose family's bodies still littered the tarmac of Tacloban, and who still had to fully grasp what their future was going to be like after Haiyan?

- Mamansapano. The 44. Among our best in terms of enforcing the law and fighting the bad elements of our society. They were left to slaughter by a commander-in-chief who chose ribbon-cutting instead of being present at the airport when the bodies of the 44 were flown in. 

Dear Leni Robredo, I and many others who lived the last 30 years under the Liberal party - we WERE the youth who ARE THE PRODUCTS of EDSA!

Stop preying on the youth of tomorrow, who know nothing about the true nature of the governance under the yellow banner. 

You can't even get your facts right! Did you say that there was blood spilled in EDSA 1? Doesn't the world know EDSA as the bloodless revolution? 

I, among those duped to have voted for you as Vice President, have fully awakened to the true meaning of EDSA - there were a few there who were truly fighting for freedom. But the essence of EDSA is that the Liberal party ROBBED the Filipinos of the truth - that the yellow brigade just used EDSA to position your leaders at seats of power, and you reigned true and long, and you performed MUCH WORSE than what the Filipinos fought against decades past. 

The true meaning of EDSA is the Filipinos' fight against EXPLOITATION of the Filipinos' poverty and the GREED that comes from people we have ALLOWED to lead us. 

TODAY, in 2018, the Filipinos - young and old - are again FIGHTING for FREEDOM, EMPOWERMENT, and RISE FROM POVERTY for once and for all! Our chosen leader is NOT YOU, Leni. The name of our president is RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE! With him, we shall all RISE and defend EDSA - on Twitter, on Facebook, on every platform we can get our hands on. You can go and have your photo ops at the EDSA shrine, because this past year into Duterte's presidency, that is all you Libertards have been good at - photo-taking. 

The true freedom fighters are telling the world the TRUTH! You can continue with your lies. We will continue to RISE AS A NATION!

RISE, PILIPINO! It is now or never!


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