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Sunday, June 10, 2018

UK Political Expert on Trillanes: No other head of state would be so openly tolerant against you than Duterte

Adam Garrie (left), Antonio Trillanes IV (right) / photo file (ctto)

In his recent article, Director of Eurasia Future and a geo-political expert Adam Garrie has noted how tolerant the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is to his opponents, specifically to Senator Antonio Trillanes.

Garrie said that Trillanes is no stranger to treason and even recalled his uprising activities in 2003 and 2007 which landed him in jail.

Trillanes in 2003 / photo from Google (ctto)

With Trillanes’ hunger for power, Garrie expressed that the senator is the kind of guy who would “attach himself to to any movement or idea that he believes can bring him closer to the power he has always desperately coveted.”

“Ultimately, Trillanes is an egotist with more brawn than brains and clearly more greed than respect for a dignified and stable political process. But nevertheless, the current Senator’s personal history reveals that he is a very dangerous character.” Garrie added.

In his Asia Times interview, Trillanes once again badmouthed Duterte and was even proud of what he has done against the government.

“These remarks alone are treas0nous, but if Trillanes is able to coax, coerce or bribe individuals in uniform to do as he wishes, the situation could rapidly escalate.” Garrie said.*

It was known to the geo-political expert that Trillanes has already lost his credibility to the vast majority of the Filipino people.

“In any other nation weather China, Turkey, the United States, Russia, Egypt, Spain or Japan, such remarks would land someone in prison or worse. While Trillanes’ previous coup attempts have indeed landed him behind bars, it beggars belief that he is allowed to make further threats regarding extra-legal military action against his own state and escape punishment.” Garrie noted.

If recalled, President Duterte commented on the antics of Trillanes;

“You know how politicians are. Trillanes is always trying to act tough and threatening and thinks he’s better than he is. He feels confident because he’s from the Armed Forces, the Navy. But who would believe him? He likes to fight a lot. He was part of the Magdalo before and was pardoned by Aquino (Duterte’s predecessor, Noynoy Aquino). Now look what happened. He’s always calling for a fight.”

“He believes that he’s the only tough one around because nobody fought him back. But there will come a day that someone will shoot him because he’s arrogant”.

Garrie also cited how the response of Trillanes lack of humility, when he said;*

“Go ahead, Mr. Duterte, order somebody to shoot me and, I assure you, it would lead to your end”.

Trillanes had openly criticized Duterte and his governance, insisting that the chief executive went on k1lling spree because of the illegal dr*g campaign that the administration is actively pursuing.

He even backed the filing of cases against the president before the ICC.

The president might have really been so tolerant of this opposition senator, had it been in another country, he was already thrown in jail.

“Except in a country like Somalia or Ukraine where law and order has broken down entirely, Trillanes would simply not be tolerated. Perhaps Duterte, being familiar with the laws of justice that are part of the human condition as well as being familiar with traditional law and order, he realises that in biting off more than he can chew, the violent Trillanes may eventually fall by the same sword that he has frequently drawn against others.” Garrie said.

“This would help explain Duterte’s willingness to accept Trillanes as a senator rather than a fugitive from justice. What is clear is that no other head of state would be so openly tolerant against literally bl0od-soaked opponents.” He added.