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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

University prof. calls out an OFW after her remark against Duterte: Ito hirap sa mga ulol e!

Van Ybiernas and Nicole Curato | Photo CTTO
"Ito hirap sa mga ulol e."

That was the first statement of the prominent professor from De La Salle University in one of his Facebook posts.

Referring to the people who were quick to judge and rage against the president after he kissed a willing lady in Seoul, South Korea, Ybiernas was annoyed by the criticisms thrown at President Rodrigo Duterte that are all over the place.

Prof. Van Ybiernas, a staunch supporter of the Philippine president, is known to be very vocal on social media when it comes to his points of view.

The latter is always updated with the current events that there is almost no issue about the president that he is not aware of and would not have an opinion about. Just like the recent fuss about Pres. Duterte's business trip in Seoul.

With several group of activists that cry foul against what the president did in South Korea, labeling it as misogyny, immoral, inappropriate, etc., the professor retaliated to one of the netizens' post on Facebook that caught his eyes.

Posted with a screenshot of the netizen's post, Ybiernas called out Nicole Curato regarding her post that involved the President's kissing game in South Korea.
Screengrab from Ybiernas' Facebook post
Curato is a Filipina who is currently based in Australia and is an awardee of Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA). In addition, as seen on a video from New Mandala Org. which is posted on her Facebook account, she is its 'Philippines Editor'. The same also completed a doctoral degree in Sociology according to University of Canberra website.

Ybiernas shared a screenshot of Dr. Curato's post on Facebook that reflects an article from CNN shared by the said Filipina. She captioned it with 'To be a woman under Duterte’s gaze is to be a piece of meat, an object of desire, a sexu@l conquest, never a citizen with equal standing in political life'.

In a Facebook post, Professor Van Ybiernas lectured Dr. Curato about her post on the same social media platform.

Prof. Van Ybiernas singled out Dr. Curato's points and addressed them one by one.

Read the La Salle professor's lecture below:

Ito hirap sa mga ulol e.

Una, Rodrigo Duterte and Bea Kim are not equal, not in any stretch of the imagination. The only reason why we know Bea Kim is because of her short encounter with the president.

A piece of meat? Because of a kiss? I leave it at that.

An object of desire? Yes. I guess I am guilty of that, too. I desire women only because I don’t desire other men. But desiring women is one thing, forcing them is another.
Photo CTTO
A sexu@l conquest? With a kiss? Hahaha. I think the most abhorrent part of what happened to Bea Kim is she was made a part of entertaining the crowd in Seoul. But a sexu@l conquest? That’s too much.

Here’s the reality which I’m not sure Curato will agree with: you don’t get equality with the powerful just by being a woman —-or even a man—- you become equals when you become powerful yourself.

And nobody is equal to the president. Except his wife. Even then they’re not equal. She outranks him.

The question here is respect. Was Bea Kim disrespected?

The video is clear. She was charmed by the president. And because of that she allowed herself to become part of the entertainment for that day. I don’t think she complained, too.

Earth to Nicole Curato...
Earth to Nicole Curato...
Are you there?
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