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Saturday, June 9, 2018

UP graduate and Independent Consultant: Mocha can beat Kris Aquino anytime

University of the Philippines Los Baños graduate and an Independent Consultant going by the handle Adolfo Mortera recently posted on Facebook his thoughts on the whole Mocha Uson vs Kris Aquino issue breaking the internet.
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Business mogul and Queen of All Media Kris Aquino has recently posted on Instagram an open letter to Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson, who has continually bashed Aquino’s family, and most recently used an old video of murdered senator, and Kris’s father, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., being kissed by women on a plane, in order to defend President Rodrigo DUterte’s latest kissing controversy.
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In her post, Aquino told Uson to stop attacking her dead parents because they cannot speak for themselves anymore. She said that Uson should just go on and throw her hits at Kris because she is alive and is willing to battle it out with Uson.

From this, sparked the Aquino vs Uson issue that has netizens taking sides.

Mortera took the side of Uson, saying that the Queen of All Media’s popularity is “fabricated”.

Using a poll done by the network GMA as proof, he says that Aquino is overrated and that the people does not trust her anymore.
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He adds that all of Kris’ popularity is only due to the alleged political leverage her family name has.

Mortera says that amidst decades of Kris’ presence in the entertainment industry, her rise to fame is only a “product of mainstream yellow media hype and of ABSCBN’s humongous promo budget for building up stars.”
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Concluding his thoughts, he says that in a “clean election”, Uson who is a sexy star, will win over Kris.

He also calls on those who have taken Kris to be an endorser to drop her as she is an “unrecycled toxic waste”, and in turn, replace her with Uson.

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In GMA online poll, 84.7% voted for Mocha and only 17.5% voted for Kris.

To me, this means Kris is an overrated product endorser and during her heyday, this woman from Laos got her endorsement deals not because she can attract customers but because of her political influence on business owners.

Kris is a product of mainstream yellow media hype and of ABSCBN's humongous promo budget for building up stars.

In a clean election, Mocha can beat Kris 1:1 in a senate race anytime. If I were a product owner, I will drop Kris as an unrecyclable toxic waste and get Mocha instead as product endorser, and the ad campaign should target OFWs, who are her strongest support base."