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Thursday, June 21, 2018

UP Professor counters the netizen's argument against Duterte with the truth

Francisco P. Tranquilino, photo from Facebook
Through a Facebook post, Professor Francisco P. Tranquilino, also a Doctor from University of the Philippines College of Medicine, counters the argument of a netizen named Vicente Romano III who wrote 'The worst is yet to come' against President Rodrigo Duterte.

Read Prof. Francisco P. Tranquilino's Facebook post below:

Francisco P. Tranquilino, M.D.

Somebody on FB, in a post entitled “The worst is yet to come,” called President Duterte’s Presidency as an ev!I regime and Duterte supporters as enablers. He urges people to join protest actions and wear the yellow colors proudly as he claims this is the anti-thesis of everything that Duterte’s ev!I regime represents. (link to his FB post below)

For this guy, silence is not an option as he wants the yellow minions at every “opportunity to call out - in social media, and in everyday conversation, the shenanigans that Digong and high government officials commit.” And this early, he urges everyone to campaign against all candidates that Digong will endorse in 2019. He gives instructions that “in social and business functions where Digong and his alter-egos are present, do not accord them the respect they do not deserve. Don’t stand up or clap for them.”In supporting his notion “now is NOT the time to call for unity, now is the time to DRAW THE LINE,” he enumerated several issues that he thought supported his call. It is funny though, because for every reason he mentioned, a close scrutiny would show that this person does not have a clear grasp of reality and merely makes sweeping accusations without any sound basis. I guess this is the norm for the Yellowtards, the LPs and anyone who abhors the President, attack him endlessly for every single thing he says or does, invent your accusations, the weirder they are the more likely they thought the people would believe them. Well, not anymore, Filipinos are more critical now, and they can see through all the lies that you peddle. And we have the social media to negate the fakes news you spew on the mainstream news sources.

At this point, allow me to debunk the baseless accusations you made against President Duterte.

So you and your unthinking believers would understand, let me do this one by one:

1. Your claim: We have lost our moral compass. Our sense of right and wrong is defined by which side of the political fence we are in.

The TRUTH: We have not lost our moral compass, on the other hand, we finally realized that after all these years, our sense of right and wrong were viciously dictated by what the Yellow army wants us to think. Filipinos were made to believe that everything about them is magical, the Cory magic, Ninoy’s sacrifice, he died for the country, Cory’s strength and perseverance worthy of being considered for Sainthood, everything about the Aquinos is good, while the Marcoses are the personification of ev!I. Everything we read, hear or see, our grade school textbooks, newspapers, television news have rewritten our history to depict this clash between good and ev!I. Airports, schools, office buildings and streets carrying either Ninoy or Cory’s name, every street corner or town plaza and the airport’s tarmac, we see their statues, our peso bills emblazoned with their faces. We were brainwashed!

2. Your Claim: With some accepting daily k!Ilings, misogyny and crass talk as the new normal.

The TRUTH: Daily k!Ilings? Are we talking again here of the EJKs? Or the k!Iling of priests this time? What is your source for saying the daily k!Ilings can be blamed on Duterte? You must be referring to figures constantly cited by his critics both locally and internationally. Most notable here would probably be the Human Rights Watch report published in March 2017 that blames Duterte for over 7,000 EJKs. The Report claims no meaningful police investigations have been conducted in any of the 7,000 k!Ilings. But the fact is that the Internal Affairs Service (IAS) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) has investigated 2,000 cases and found possible violations of 28 police officers who were already asked to submit their responses. And out of this number, two police officers are already facing murd3r charges. The PNP is only taking responsibility for about 2,500 of the reported 7,000 de@ths. According to PNP Spokesperson Senior Superintendent Dionardo Carlos, review of these De@ths Under Investigation (DUI) revealed that only 682 are drug-related while more than 800 cases are “regular crimes happening in the street.” Comparatively, even during Noynoy’s term in 2010, early on, the human rights group Kalayaan was quoted as saying: “This early, Aquino’s daang matuwid has become a U.S. inspired path that is increasingly being marked by the blood of the victims of extrajudicial k!Ilings, enforced disappearances, torture, forced displacement and other violations of human rights.” And in March 15, 2014, Satur Ocampo wrote in Pilipino Star Ngayon: “It seems that we will not see the ending of extrajudicial k!Ilings and other human rights violations under this second Aquino administration. What we have seen were continued k!Ilings with impunity and not only of political/social activists. These were largely perpetrated through a method flagrantly used during the previous Arroyo government: k!Ilers-in-tandem aboard motorcycles.” Maybe it would serve you well not to invent numbers and make sure you get your facts accurately.

And misogyny? Hatred, dislike or mistrust of or prejudice against women? Let us look beyond the words, beyond the negative media hype, we should look at what he has done to Davao, the progressive programs benefiting women and children. And these programs are testimonies to how Duterte respects, values and gives importance to women.

As I said over and over again, beyond his crassness, crudeness and vulgarity, he has the three essential qualities that a president should have: solid executive track record, a straightforward (true Daang Matuwid) platform and true leadership that is hard to come by these days. I have had enough of politicians who are more conscious about their political correctness and image than their actual works and plans. His bravado, crass language and stinging curses are his tools of the trade. These are parts of his persona as a leader and this is what endeared him to the majority of Filipinos. It did not distract us from his true worth, on the contrary, it brings us to the focal point of his leadership. A man who is angered and fed up by so much poverty and sufferings, corruption, injustices, violence and crimes, a man who is now fighting to bring about change.

3. Your Claim: Our democratic institutions are being seriously challenged, where agencies designed to protect the people and to uphold the rule of law are being used to persecute critics and justify the perversion of the Constitution.

It is absurd how you could say that our democratic institutions are being challenged and critics of the administration are being persecuted.

Let me refresh your memory: The TRUTH: De LIEma was charged of violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 and 3 separate charges were filed in court for various violations. She was alleged to have abetted the illegal drug trade in the New Bilibid Prison when she was Justice Secretary from 2010 to 2015. It was Judge Juanita Guerrero of Muntinlupa RTC 204 who found probable cause and ordered her arrest.

The TRUTH: Meanwhile the case of Lourdes Sereno, should be a closed one, the SUPREME COURT has spoken, and the SC has the sole Constitutional mandate to determine what is constitutional and what is not. It doesn’t matter who you are, a Senator, Congressman, a College of Law Dean or Professor, a lawyer, journalist, a blogger or simply a nobody, you must remember that once the Supreme Court makes a decision, it becomes constitutional, it is final. US Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson (1892–1954) summed it up perfectly when he said: “We are not final because we are infallible, but we are infallible only because we are final.”

The TRUTH: I’m also sure that the Commission on Human Rights is one of the institutions you are referring to as being challenged by the administration. We must look into this issue by looking at Chairman Chito Gascon’s inability to perform his mandate simply because he is using his position to forward his own political agenda. He is biased because he concentrates on issues that will harm Duterte and smear the President's reputation before the international community and cause the ICC to file cases against him. In furthering his aim, which we all know is influenced by his strong affiliation with the LPs/Yellows, he brings in people like Callamard to continue the attacks on the government.

Above instances should never be considered as challenges hurled by the administration against the individuals or institutions. De LIEma, Sereno and Gascon were victims of their own doing, De LIEma’s involvement in the drug trade, Sereno’s non-filing of SALN among other violations that disqualified her for the position of the Chief Justice and Gascon’s own political biases favoring only the Yellowtards and LPs.

4. Your Claim: It will take decades to repair the damaged culture and broken institutions that the Duterte administration will leave behind.

The TRUTH: Our culture and institutions have long been damaged. Made even worse by 2 Aquino administrations. Through the years, we’ve seen the entrenchment of the oligarchs and the rich in the echelons of power, corruption to the highest level, the use of mainstream media to perpetuate the lies of the governing elites. The Aquinos destroyed our culture and left institutions corrupted and broken. It is Duterte who is trying to restore order, instill discipline, eliminate corruption, redefine our foreign policy and provide inclusive growth for all.

The TRUTH: The Mendiola Massacre in January, 1987 under Cory, the Hacienda Luisita massacre in November 2004, Mamasapano Massacre in January 2015 under PNoy, the unconstitutional Php 177 Billion DAP disbursements, the contentious bribery of Senators post-Corona Impeachment using DAP funds, the debauched Php 3.8 Billion License Plate Standardization Program in 2013, the derailed Php 1.2 B MRT-3 maintenance program in 2014, the Php 8.1 Billion Barangay Health Station Project anomaly in 2015, the controversial Php 3.5 Billion Dengvaxia Immunization Program in 2016, etc., etc., etc.

5. Your Claim: What is more worrisome is the long-term impact to our economy and national patrimony. By now, it is evident that the lack of a coherent economic agenda is leading us towards economic bankruptcy unheard of since the fall of the Marcos dictatorship.

To say that Duterte has no coherent economic agenda thus his policies could lead us towards economic bankruptcy is a complete lie. I explained this before in another post but to reiterate, The TRUTH: “President Duterte has his own 8-point economic agenda: (1) continuing and maintaining current macroeconomic policies, (2) accelerating infrastructure spending through improving the PPP programs, (3) attracting foreign direct investments to the country, (4) developing rural areas and modernizing agriculture systems, (5) improving land administration system, (6) strengthening the basic education system, (7) improving the income tax system and (8) expanding the conditional cash transfer program. This agenda of course consists of details that have actually been laid out by his economic team headed by Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez. In his Cabinet: Dominguez, Benjamin Diokno (DBM), Ernesto Pernia (NEDA), Ramon Lopez (DTI), Nestor Espenilla, Jr. (BSP), Mark Villar (DPWH) and Arturo Tugade (DOTr), dedicated, well-qualified and competent individuals of proven integrity, each bringing with him expertise necessary for their tasks, but all working together to Build, Build, Build! So that in the end, the fruits of their labor stand to benefit and improve the lives of all Filipinos.

6. Your Claim: All of the economic indicators point to a bleak future – runaway inflation, peso value at its lowest, decline in foreign investments, and rise in unemployment.

The TRUTH: Unemployment rates from 2010 to 2017 would show a decreasing trend: 7.3%, 7%, 7%, 7.1%, 6.8%, 6.3%, 5.5% and 5.7%, respectively (5.7% in December 2017).

The TRUTH: Employment rate from 1991-2018 averages 91.22% reaching an all-time high of 95.30% in the 4th Quarter of 2016. In 2018, it was 94.7% and 94.5% during the 1st and 2nd Quarters, respectively.

The TRUTH: The amount of foreign direct investments (FDIs) coming into the Philippines reached a new all-time high at $10 billion in 2017, up by 21.4% compared to 2016 numbers. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) attributed the record-high FDIs in 2017 to positive investor sentiment. "Investors continue to view the country as a favorable investment destination on the back of the country's sound macroeconomic fundamentals and growth prospects," the BSP said in a statement recently.

The TRUTH: Though we may have a 4.6% Inflation Rate in May 2018, rates showed a decreasing trend from 1998-2017 with 3.2% by December 2017. We must also bear in mind that both local and foreign factors affect inflation rate which may include money supply, the national debt, cost-push effect and demand-pull effect.

7. Your Claim: Unsound economic policies like the TRAIN law, disregard for established rules, and unabated corruption are driving away investors. All it will take is for one big BPO to pull out to trigger an exodus and economic meltdown.

Again, before making negative predictions, it would be wiser if you can refer to accurate data: THE TRUTH: Philippines starts 2018 with strong foreign direct investments inflows. Foreign Direct Investment inflows in January 2018 increases by 56.7% to hit $919 million compared to $587 million in January 2017.

The TRUTH: Other indicators like Foreign direct investments (FDIs) specifically in manufacturing reached $1.15 billion worth in 2017, a jump of 244 percent from year-ago level, as revealed by preliminary Central Bank data. Trade and Industry Secretary Ramon Lopez was quoted as saying: “investor confidence was real and the business climate remained positive.”

The TRUTH: The BSP data showed that the net FDI the manufacturing sector received last year was more than four times its size in 2016, when it got $334.25 million. The BSP also recently announced that the country again hit an all-time high FDI figure last year of $10 billion, 21.38% higher than the previous high of $8.3 billion. More than 21 industries received FDI inflows and one-third of the total equity placements went to the manufacturing industry.

Now going to TRAIN Law 101, just so you won’t appear ill-informed and continue blabbing invalid conclusions that the law is causing all your perceived economic downturns, let me first explain how this works. The law intends to reduce the income tax burden of the earning Filipinos, new tax brackets were developed intended to increase one’s disposable income after taxes. This in effect can stimulate consumption to further drive growth which will in turn generate more revenues for the government as taxes are shifted to consumption of goods and services. However, the law also increased the taxes for fuel which will have a consequent effect on transportation cost and other commodities. This outcome will therefore affect the poorer sectors of our society, thus, this is where the subsidy provision of the law through the unconditional cash transfer (UCT) to be implemented by DSWD would exert its mitigating effects.

Let me now supply you with general data from the Department of Finance on how the TRAIN law could be of benefit to the people: (a) Education: Create a more conducive learning environment with the ideal teacher-to-student ratio. In the next 5 years, the tax reform can fund: 629,120 public school classrooms, or 2,685, 101 public school teachers; (b) Healthcare Services: In the next 5 years, the tax reform can fund: 60,483 rural health units, or 484,326 barangay health stations, or 1,324 provincial hospitals; (c) Infrastructure Programs: Additional funds from the tax reform will be used for the projects of DPWH which consists of major highways, expressways, and flood control projects. In the next 5 years, the tax reform can fund: 35,745 km of paved roads, or 786,400 km of temporary bridge upgrades, or 2.6 million hectares of irrigated land.

8. Your Claim: Disregard for rules and unabated corruption are driving away investors.

The TRUTH: Well, in May 2018, a World Bank Group report announced the 20 Best Countries around the world to invest now, and Philippines is on top of that list! The report highlighted four factors — the country's people, environment, relationships, and framework — that propel both individuals and corporations to invest in a given country's natural resources, markets, technologies, or brands. To determine the overall list, U.S. News surveyed over 21,000 people worldwide about 80 different countries, measuring them on 65 different attributes, including cultural influence, entrepreneurship, and quality of life. For the best countries to invest in ranking, U.S. News focused on just eight of the 65 attributes: entrepreneurship, economic stability, favorable tax environment, innovation, skilled labor, technological expertise, dynamism, and corruption. Responses from over 6,000 survey participants — who act as decision makers in business around the globe — were then used to determine the ranking. The truth, Philippines is on top of that list!

9. Your Claim: Even more worrisome is the government’s policy to borrow money from China at ridiculously high commercial rates to finance its massive infrastructure buildup. And most of these projects will be overpriced and under-specs to cover the commissions and “tongpats” of Digong’s cronies who are brokering these deals.

The TRUTH: Though the loans from China come with an interest rate of 2% to 3% which is higher than Japan’s 0.25-0.75%, it is still lower than if we acquire commercial loans. What is important in these transactions is transparency and disclosure of all conditions associated with these loans and assurance that the dealings will be corruption-free. In the end, the intention of all these projects is to benefit more Filipinos.

10. Your Claim: Digong literally gives away our claim to Scarborough Shoal, inspite of the Hague ruling in our favor. He even offers China 50:50 joint exploration of the sea in that area, which clearly falls within our Exclusive Economic Zone.

The TRUTH: It is not Duterte who gave away our claim to Scarborough or Panatag Shoal, it was none other than PNoy through his highly suspicious intermediary Trillanes. I guess you are getting your islands mixed up.

The TRUTH: President Duterte’s diplomatic approach to the South China Sea conflict is the most practical and realistic approach. Indeed the country got a favorable decision from the July 2016 The Hague Arbitration Ruling but how can we insist in implementing the arbitral ruling when China threatens to go to war if it is enforced? Other diplomatic options may be available including strengthening alliances with claimant countries as well as allies to put pressure on China. But we have been creating alliances with other ASEAN claimants for many years now, and do you think China is threatened by such alliances? Making alliances with the US? You think China cares? If we go to war as a result of the actions you seem to believe in, will our so-called allies protect us? The arbitral ruling does not give us ownership of the disputed islands, it merely provides rights to explore. And certainly, you don’t expect us to go to war with a superpower over an area that can mutually be explored to benefit both nations. To this end, Duterte is envisioning, a mutually beneficial exploration of the resources in the disputed areas. Mutual co-existence, without war, without losing lives. A simple and most practical solution.

11. Your Claim: In just 2 years, Digong has squandered the economic and political gains of the past administration. Sad.

The TRUTH: There was no economic and political gains under PNoy to speak of in the first place. It is sad for anyone to even think there was, hallucinating perhaps? In the end, it is true indeed that we want to perpetuate the changes that Duterte is so desperately trying to implement and a continuation of his efforts is what our country needs. And the only way for us to do that, is to stay away from the slightest tinge of Yellow and LPs, for they have always been the source of our country’s moral and economic decay. Never again should we allow ourselves to be taken for a ride in their Daang Matuwid. Because right now, we are bravely attempting to extricate ourselves from years of yellow-inspired societal decay, Duterte has started the arduous task, and we are all ready to help him.



Photo from Facebook
Vicente Romano III, author of THE WORST IS YET TO COME | Photo from Facebook
Source: Francisco P. Tranquilino