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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Veteran talk show host reveals an explosive news about Duterte exposing priests and nuns living in sin

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is known to be vocal about his thoughts against the Catholic church. He once called the institution and its members as hypocrites for preaching about the bible, yet they commit sins as well.

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Veteran newscaster and former GMA Network talk show host Jay Sonza was quick to report via a post in popular social media site, Facebook, that some bishops and priests in the Philippines are requesting to have a dialogue with President Duterte in order to discuss his views and stance on the Philippine Catholic church.

Sonza alleges that Duterte not only despises these hypocritical acts of the church, but also he has threatened to expose the names of clergymen in the Philippines who commit sins they preach against.
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He says that those that may be exposed are priests and bishops who are married, or are in relationships, those with children, and those who allegedly have live-in partners.
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It is unsure where Sonza received information about the president’s plans and actions. However, Sonza says that it is normal that the President have information on these types of situations.

It can be recalled last year that President Duterte called the Catholic Church “full of shit”, as he accused them of corruption, womanizing, and abuse.

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This was after members of the Catholic Church condemned Duterte’s war against illegal drugs that have led to thousands of Filipinos dead without the ability to be tried in court nor be proven guilty.

Read Sonza’s full post here:

"good morning. today is sunday.

some bishops and priests are reportedly asking for an urgent dialogue with the president.

this, after the chief executive allegedly warned that he will soon exposed and name bishops, priests and nuns who are married, have live-in partners, girlfriends and/or boyfriends, bore sons, daughters or children to different women and men.

why am i not surprise with this? the president has access to any and all information classified or not.

OMG! what an explosion, if in case..."

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Source: Jay Sonza