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Sunday, June 10, 2018

What has Ninoy Aquino actually achieved for the Philippines?

Ninoy Aquino, photo from Philippine Star
Besides his speeches and deaths, what has late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. done for the Philippines?

This was the  question tackled by blogger Paul Farol in an article for Get Real Philippines, where he said that besides his monologues and his historical death, there is no contribution from Aquino which has a lasting importance in the country.

"So, to sincerely and with all due respect ask: What law or measure has Ninoy Aquino done that actually, profoundly, and enduringly benefitted the Filipino as a united people and not just a certain sector thereof?"

Farol noted that Aquino was not the sole political figure that was killed because he opposed late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, there were Edgar Jopson, Cesar Climaco and Evelio Javier.

"For fairness, we’ll discount his suspicious absence in Plaza Miranda and his arguably treasonous Jabidah myth making. And let’s take out allegations of Japanese collaboration by his family, rumors of in-laws absconding with the Katipunan funds, and the fact that he was not a model student (kept transferring schools) and journalist (his editors say he was a terrible writer). So that’s quits," he wrote.

He likewise noted that the South and North Expressways, the C-5, and the present Manila International Airport which were all done during the leadership of Marcos.

Farol added that the military structure of the country is still based on the formation by Manuel Quezon's creation. He likewise noted the laws left by senators like Recto and Maceda laws on rent, the Lina Law on informal settlers, and the Local Government Code by Pimentel, which all had lasting impacts.
Farol noted Lorenzo Tanada who prosecuted Japanese collaborators, and who was a vital figure on the now requisite of publication of laws so they could take effect.

Noting famous opposition leaders, he named Gerry Roxas, Ben Diokno, Neptali Gonzales, Jovy Salonga, Aquilino Pimentel, Lorenzo Tanada, Doy Laurel, Ramon Mitra, Eva Kalaw, Tecla Ziga, Bono Adaza. Former Marcos guys Kit Tatad and Paeng Salas, and Arturo Tolentino.

Farol deemed them heroes of the martial law days, "I grew up during the Martial Law years and I remember either having met or seen or currently read then all those capable men and women who fought, lived, and worked for democracy in our country."

However, he said that for Aquino, he couldn't name much of the things he have done for the country.

"I can’t recall anything of lasting importance he actually did. The earliest memories I have of him are merely his videotaped political speeches or interviews circulated after his death."

Source: getrealphilippines.com