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Sunday, July 22, 2018

A heartfelt open letter of a political strategist to President Duterte: “Thank you for seriously doing the job!”

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte | Photo from Presidential Photos, PCOO
Today is the most awaited third State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. As it was in the past two years, rumors and speculations proliferated about the unfolding of this event. As critics of the president and generally the government condition themselves for the upsurge of criticisms, some staunch supporters of the president have expressed words of support and consolation to President Duterte. One of whom is Malou S. Tiquia — a political strategist and a distinguished columnist.

Tiquia recently published an open letter addressed to President Duterte containing her sentiments, commendation and appreciation to the president. Pointing out Duterte's so-called "extraordinary" performance, Tiquia urged the president to once again prove to the Filipino people how effective his leadership has been in the past three years setting the cursing and profanities aside. 

For a better grasp of Tiquia's sentiments and exposition, read the full open letter:

"Dear Mr. Duterte:

You say you don’t like the formalities of your position but the formalities you need to live by because of the institution.

Having said that, I hope you indeed “speak from the heart” in tom’s SONA.
President Duterte | Photo from Inquirer News
It will be your third and hopefully it is a much better rendition than rambling through or cussing your way through the process because it is the STATE OF THE NATION, not the state of Duterte but the state of the Republic. It is bigger than you. Previous holders of the Office of the President honored the ritual, talked to the bigger audience out there, not just to the members of the tribe.
President Duterte | Photo from ABS-CBN News
Your cabinet showed what teamwork is. The pre-SONA augurs well for the Republic, would have wanted to be live in government information network, but that’s another thing. Certainly a room for improvement. You see, until the last Filipino gets to know what you have been doing, nothing can win them over and declare, we are better today than before.

Mr. Duterte, you were mayor and is now President. That is a huge jump but a true mandate from the people. You know how to build because DAVAO is proof, the biggest city in the country is your shining hill. Easier to get people to move and work. Scale it up, as in the whole of the PH, you wobble. At the micro level, you shine but nationally, the micro level is aching because their lives have not changed much. No, TRAIN is not to blame. It was badly rolled out. Again, communication is vital, as in any endeavor, much more public.

Take the high road, Mr. President. Yours is the mandate. A clear one, despite the deduction. Look at the forest and not the trees. Will it.

You are the father of the nation, despite the excruciating noise and the humongous fabrications since day 1. Let them be. That’s democracy and indeed you have not curtailed that which is not yours but of the people.

Tell us your story in the SONA. Your dreams for the nation, the heartaches of the presidency and your adamant spirit to get things done.

Show anger to your team, the few, who are not performing and the some, into corrupt behaviors. Fire don’t recycle. Bring the second wind to get you to 2022. Enough of politicos using their offices for their own mileage, at the cost of taxpayers. You need a team working full time.

Get your leaders in both houses to stop shooting your efforts. Seriously, no el? Insisting on voting without the Senate? Polluting the people’s initiative by using it again to favor an agenda? Your Speaker sucks, Mr. President. He practically destroyed the work on federalism by using it as a wedge to gain a foothold.

Show where you want to bring this country. Paint it on the canvass. Don’t let others do it for they have pulled too much under.

If you will deliver, do it in flair giving in to the dignity of the Office. Your inaugural was such. Why can’t it be, midway?

Write your thoughts down. Get the best to put magic on the words. It can be done. It has been done. Let there be music in the delivery. If you want to do it in Bisaya, do it. Let it be a speech unifying us all, even for that single moment.

There has been no president in my generation who bowed before an audience. You have done so, very often. That to me says a lot. Thank you.

The last two years has been blasting every foundation in this country of ours. Your performance is extraordinary in two years. You willed that and the scars show. You are tired. But work is there, cause continues and the dreams of the 22% are alive. But you need to extend the hand across the aisle, more people putting colors to the canvass of the nation. It ain’t easy but that is why you are president and none of the rest are.

Lastly, thank you for seriously doing the job. Sleepless, thankless, insults fly, ouster plans come dime a dozen. No one said it will be easy. Sir, now is time to be president of the 110Million Filipinos. Critics and all, as you have often said, do what is good for the Filipinos.

Here’s hoping for a surprise tom, a pleasant one. Mabuhay po kayo. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!" 

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Source: Malou Tiquia