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Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Scotwoman's open letter to Cardinal Tagle: 'You know who Cullen is, how Cardinal Sin protected him over his rape case'

Lilian "Sherry" Zimmer (left), photo of Cardinal Tagle with probably Edward Robinson III (right) / Composite photo from Zimmer's Facebook account

A Scotswoman named Lilian “Sherry” Thomson Zimmer , 67, wrote an open letter addressed to Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle through her social media account, to let the Church know what has happened to her exactly four years ago, because of the alleged manipulation of an Irish Priest named Shay Cullen.

Zimmer said Cullen ruined her life over false assumptions, charged her with different cases and got her jailed, but the Church never listened to her voice.

 The lady went on telling how her life has changed after the incident, while the Church was still mum on Cullen’s rape case.

Below is the complete open letter written by Zimmer posted on her Facebook account, that has now gone viral.


Exactly four years ago today, July 3rd 2014, one of your priests. Fr. Shay Cullen of Preda Foundation in Olongapo, had me hauled from my farm in Bgy. Aningway-Sacatihan, Subic, Zambales.

I have written to you, the Superior General of the Columban Order, Fr. Kevin O’Neill, none of you have answered my, or my friends’ emails for help. Pope Francis was contacted within days of my ‘arrest’, he has not responded either.

One of my early visitors, when I was in detention, was Edward Robinson III who introduced himself to me as being from the U.S. Embassy in Manila. I sat and told him my side of the story. I remember telling him of my work with sick, particularly the Aeta. I told him how I had supplied Cullen’s construction workers with free drinking water for three years and taken care of some of the men who had been hurt on Cullen’s construction site.*

He took a picture of me and I really thought he would help me. He did not and it was only after I obtained a copy of Cullen’s badly written book, ‘Passion and Power’ that I read, he was a personal friend of Cullen’s. He was a retired, Naval Commander who Culllen had stayed with in Hawaii in 1988. 

Cardinal Tagle, I have watched a video of you with Stephen Sackur of BBC, you nodded your head when Cullen’s name was mentioned. You know who he is and how your predecessor, Cardinal Sin, protected him from the rape charges of a 7-year old girl.

Cardinal Tagle, this is the letter I wrote, two years ago, to your friend, the Head of the Columbans.
Dear Fr. O'Neill,

I am Lilian 'Sherry' Zimmer nee Thomson, my name has been vilified over the internet, newspapers and television by one of your priests, Shay Cullen. I was incarcerated in the Olongapo jail for 126 days, the only Caucasian woman in conditions that I would not give to an animal.

Your priest thought that if he could get charges filed against me that I would remain in the Detention Center for years, the key thrown away. I would die there. Cullen expected that I would have no way to get out of that situation. He had me charged with 5 counts of kidnap/illegal detention, one charge of child abuse and with threatened cases of more abuse.*

I am a Catholic, Scotswoman who is now 67 years old, my life in the Philippines was dedicated to quietly taking care of people who were unable to take care of themselves. I wanted no awards, raised no money except from friends and family. From me there was no criticism of the system as it pertains to the Philippines. I never expected to be arrested, incarcerated, my five children taken away as trophies, me to be dragged out of my little farm in handcuffs. Everything I owned, my reputation to be destroyed by Cullen.

All the proof that I need to exonerate me, I have. My years in the jungle of taking care of people, taking in babies that were not convenient, were sick or unwanted, were all of the mission that I was known for until Cullen decided that he would move within 100 meters of my home.

I am sure, I was an embarrassment to Cullen, I did what we, as Christians, are supposed to do. I gave up my large home in America and sold nearly everything I owned. I followed what I thought, and the Bible taught me, was the way to go. I had Faith that what I was doing was what was required to get through the Gates of Heaven. *

I have Faith that you will listen to me and read my evidence, see my photographs and videos of what I was doing in my small mission.

My website was launched last night, lilianmaythomsonzimmer.com and is already going around the world. Please take the time to look at it. It includes the Rape of A Child by Shay Cullen, The Victor Fitzgerald Case, The Von Ballmoos Case, Patients, Medical Missions and Christenings. etc. It is easier to see on a computer as there are lots of legal documents and statements written by people long before I came into contact with Cullen.

Father, there is also an investigation going on in the Philippines and I write to you so you will not be blindsided by the interest that is being taken in the behavior of Shay Cullen.

I have written to you before I contact His Holiness Pope Francis.

Pray for me because this is a harder mission than what I did in the Philippines but I, and others, must have justice.

Sherry Zimmer

I refuse to be a victim - ignored by the Catholic Church. I still have Faith in God but not in the Church I used to love.

Fr. Shay Cullen, founder of the Preda Foundation / photo from Irish Times 

Source: Sherry Zimmer