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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Foreign media reports GMA's version of Duterte's advocacy 15 years ago

Former President and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and President Rodrigo Duterte. Image credit to
Arroyo has implemented a policy of making anti-narco achievements a way for promotion and reassignment in the National Police in the Philippines. She additionally asked the full support of the people and the media in her campaign against drug. The nation has turned into a noteworthy transshipment point for foreign drug leagues.

Three months was given by President Arroyo to different government offices to fight thirteen transnational drug syndicates, over one hundred seventy five local drug lords and forty-five thousand drug pushers and their protectors such as policemen, military, government attorneys and lawmakers.

Eleven policemen recently tested and resulted positive for drug use. Philippines have turned into a noteworthy transshipment point for foreign drug leagues.

"This (campaign) means the neutralization of the top syndicates and the arrest of their leaders; a focused campaign against drug pushers, dealers and patrons in the government, and especially those in uniform." said Arroyo.

"Drug lords, however high in the corridors of powers they may be, must be exposed or hunted down like the common criminals that they are," warned Arroyo. "I shall be personally monitoring the anti-drug campaign and I would like to see the strategic results. The future of our nation is at stake in this campaign."

Hermogenes Esperon President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo escorted by (L) AFP chief Gen. Hermogenes Esperon. Image credit to Flickr
According to Senator Robert Barbers, the drug issue in the country is really disturbing and that the PNP and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency have not yet done their best to end drug syndicates in the Philippines.

With thirteen transnational drug syndicates that are operating in the Philippines, only one was successfully defused by the Police. Year 2002 there are about thirty-seven foreigners who were imprisoned for drug trafficking in the country; a significant number of them are Chinese nationals.

"This means that the 37 foreign nationals arrested last year and the 2,889 kilos of methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu) seized from them were just a small part of the total volume of illegal drugs that the other transnational syndicates could have been importing into our country," explained Barbers.

In the Philippines there are about 3.4 million drug users, a fast a fast increment from 20,000 in 1972, said records. Accordingly, Jose Lina, Interior and Local Government Secretary and furthermore leader of the Dangerous Drug Board, said The administration's three-month hostile to medicate plan will be supported by P1 billion ($18.87 million) in government pay from its lotto activities. 


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Source: Gulf News