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Friday, July 27, 2018

Doctor on Duterte's governance: Now we have a real reason to be proud Filipinos

In a recent post in Facebook, Caloy Bueno was one of the many Filipinos that showed their support towards President Rodrigo Duterte after he gave his 2018 State of the Nation Address.
Caloy Bueno and President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Facebook and Philippine Primer

Bueno sounded very happy in his post, saying that most Filipinos finally have a real reason to be proud of the government and proud of the country.

According to him, the Philippines finally has a head of state that is “one” with the people. He also seems to imply that this is the only government that “manifestly upholds the supreme law of the welfare of the people”.

Bueno sees Duterte as someone who is truly rooted in the Filipino people. He says that by Duterte becoming President two years ago, traditional politics and elitism has left the highest governing office of the government.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from the Duran

Traditional politicians have ruined the Philippines’ political system, says Bueno. He adds that since the country was colonized by the Americans, their culture of governance has deeply affected the way elite Filipinos themselves have treated politics and public service.

However, one stark difference is that while American elites had the habit of governing only themselves and their businesses, Filipino elites have resorted to governing the people and the country. This has been a harmful instance, says Bueno.

Since President Duterte won his position, however, along with the help of the power of social media, he was able to shift the way Filipinos thought about politics and public service. He says that Duterte has “successfully enlisted the majority Congress to heed his call for stronger focus on his governance priorities and thrusts.”

He adds that Duterte has been able to correct what was wrong and what has failed. Including, he claims, the “yellow democracy” that has influenced the country for decades.

Read his full post here:

Most Filipinos now have real reason to be proud. We have a government headed by someone who is one of us -- and who is one with us. A government that manifestly upholds the supreme law of the welfare of the people. A leader who leads as a true Filipino should, from the heart -- that is firmly controlled by his mind. Here is a politician from the local backwaters of the south who has embarked upon his final voyage in public service. He firmly holds the helm of government that was last controlled -- actually debilitated -- by traditional politicians so enslaved and consumed by elitist vested interests. So much so that the Philippine bureaucracy was shamed into its lowest reputation ever, both domestically and internationally during the previous administration...

But what are 'traditional politicians' really? Going by the mere reputation of winning elections, Rodrigo "Digong" Duterte would be counted among them. Going by actual performance and track record in public service, he then sets himself apart from a great many others, traditional politicians who have infested our political system, ever since the Americans began to teach Filipinos politics as "the art of the possible." In the Spanish era, there were no Filipino politicians at all -- simply because there was no political arena where such 'gladiatorial' contests could be held as public spectacles. There was exclusively Spanish colonial authority, and Filipinos were only second class citizens, or worse...
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Inquirer

The colonialist Americans instituted oligarchic rule in our political system -- which they established toward the day that we Filipinos would govern ourselves -- because this class was the socioeconomic masters of their own domains. 

They were also the most highly educated. Whereas in America their own oligarchs shunned public life, choosing only to rule their own business empires, here they encouraged the landed elite to take control of the country's -- and the people's -- destiny. Thus did our political system start to engender elitist standards as the political lingua franca, even until this day and age. The "political DNA" of ordinary citizens have been so inured to the depredations of traditional politicians that nothing enlightened in the way of new knowledge and awareness, or even just common sense, could ever sway their political loyalties (always vertical -- to personalities, not concepts or ideologies) and manner of political 'intramurals' (mudslinging and demolitions)...

But now, thanks to social media (which actually bore the brunt of Digong's campaign for the presidency in 2016), the general public is at last truly more "general" -- what detractors refer to as the 16+ million mindless "Dutertards" who instantly spring to the defense and support of the President in any and all issues, whether political or even personal, and wise or otherwise. The traditional politicians exemplified by the LP opposition stalwarts have embarrassingly painted themselves into a corner, with only a half-wit leading their cause (the other half-wit having gone into self-imposed exile to his virtual worlds). 

Even their traditional mass media allies (mercenaries) have consistently lost ground and retreated against the preponderance and effectiveness of social media's onslaughts on the ignorance and apathy of our people -- resulting in an ever-widening and strengthening support for the President...

The 2018 SONA amply demonstrated that, apart from recently straightening out the judiciary's topmost echelon, Digong has also successfully enlisted the majority of Congress (never mind the Senate's inveterate grand-standers) to heed his call for stronger focus on his governance priorities and thrusts. In the offing too are the proposed critical changes in the basic law of the land. It portends a massive shift in the governance system that would radically transfer empowerment from traditional 'imperial Manila' to the disparate regions of the country. It also spells a different ideological and procedural framework for politics going forward. Over thirty years of a failed yellow-branded democracy that replaced the also-failed experiment of authoritarianism by Marcos (primarily in reaction to the threats of communist-inspired insurrection and Moro secession in Mindanao) has been junked -- ironically by Digong making it work as best as it should have previously (but never did) -- he a supposedly "traditional" politician doing the non-traditional thing of putting people first, rather than selfish political interests.... 

Source: Caloy Bueno | Facebook