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Friday, July 13, 2018

Duterte hits on Liberal Party anew: ‘They want power back’

President Rodrigo Duterte and Liberal Party, composite photos from Thinking Pinoy and RT. com
President Rodrigo Duterte, at a recent press briefing in Pampanga, puts the blame on the Liberal Party (LP) for consistently creating doubt and mass chaos with the intention to destabilize the government.

The President also pointed out that the opposition also makes it appear as though STAYING IN POWER is the sole objective behind federalism push.

“These are the groups, you know, that were elected during the last administration. Lahat ’yan sila served in government. ’Yung iba sa Malacañang. At tanungin mo sa kanila kung ano ang ginawa nila (And ask them what they accomplished) while they were in power,” he said.
Photo from philippine republic news
“Now, sila ’yung gustong bumalik (they want to come back),” he added.

Calling them “noisy and ambitious”, the President also said that these detractors are hardened to acknowledge his offer of cutting his term short by next year to guarantee the government’s steady shift to federalism.

“They are free to accept it or not,” he said. “I am elected to serve until 2022, that would be election year.” Duterte said.

The President earlier clarified that he is not stepping down only to benefit the opposition and give way to Vice President Robredo, whom he considered ‘INCOMPETENT’ to govern a country like the Philippines.

“Not. It should be election and not succession. She is incompetent to become president,” he added.

The Senate on Wednesday, already obtained the copy of the Consultative Committee’s draft constitution as requisite for federal reform. The document was received by Senate President Tito Sotto, saying that they are still waiting for the document’s formal transmittal to be given by President Duterte hopefully in the upcoming 3rd State of the Nation Address come July 23.
President Rodrigo Duterte, photo from SunStar Cebu
The draft included the President’s appeal for a ‘transitory provision’ to ensure proper turn – over from a unitary form of government to a federal type – since he no longer has plans to join the Presidential race in 2022, according to Con – Com Chairman Former Chief Justice Reynato Puno.

“We incorporated this (based on) the instructions of the President,” Puno said while thanking Sotto with assurance that the draft will be handled with proper consideration.


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Source:  philstar.com