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Monday, July 9, 2018

Federal-Parliamentary System is More Important Than Banning Dynastic Politics in PH - Geo Political Expert

President Rodrigo Duterte. Composite photos from Philstar and Euroasia  Future
The Philippines is about to embark on a new chapter from its long – awaited CHANGE in government structure since the 1987 Constitution has taken effect. The Consultative Committee (CC) has already laid out the recommendations to President Rodrigo Duterte for the constitutional reform.

The document, however, ‘neglects much needed reform to the legislature,’ according to Geo – Political expert and “Eurasia Future” Director, Adam Garrie, who, in his latest write – up about the Philippines’ political structure, suggested what the draft constitution should emphasize.

Garrie said, “Instead of focusing on the creation of a central parliament within the framework of a federated nation, the CC has  focused on proposals for new rules which seek to ban dynastic politics, even though a proper parliamentary structure could work towards this same generally noble goal while rejecting the rigid dogma of arbitrary restrictions on political participation.”

Garrie best described his gist about a ‘functional’ parliamentary democracy by taking Pakistan into account, which he cited as to having an even more problematic post – colonial history compared to the Philippines, essentially, while governed by a unique parliamentary legislature, it had 3 historical military takeovers in 1958, 1977, and 1999 which all brought Presidents with STRONG leadership to power - with all 3 widely considered as DICTATORS.
Geo – Political expert and “Eurasia Future” Director Adam Garrie, photo from Youtube
This brought the country off to a turbulent parliamentary democracy bringing about two (2) ‘powerful’ political dynasties such as the conservative PML – N of the Sharif family and the left-wing, socialist – progressive party of Pakistan known as the PPP by the Bhutto family. 

This year, however, according to Garrie, a 3rd force known as the PTI led by Imran Khan came as an eminent threat to both PML – N and PPP as it potentially held the winning bet during the June 25 polls.  

Subsequently, according to research, PTI have done a lot of work, most predominantly with the aspects of Law and Order, Infra – projects and its local government system.
Geo – Political expert and “Eurasia Future” Director Adam Garrie, photo from Twitter
Garrie pointed out that all the broad problems that PTI seeks to solve for Pakistan are SIMILAR to that of President Duterte’s efforts to untangle a web of drawbacks and obstacles looming in the Philippines. 

He added that while President Duterte, amid political constraints, already achieved a stellar record of success, he or a similar leader like him could do far more even in just a parliamentary system.

Elaborating more on Pakistan, Garrie said that the it is likely to achieve progress despite suffering under a dynastic leadership all because of a man who created his own party with determined political ambitions without BENEFITTING from a political family behind him. 

Regardless, Pakistan’s development will not depend on arbitrary restrictions on dynastic politics but with a sound, effective, and resilient parliamentary system.

“By shifting the focus from dynastic corruption to the inbuilt corruption of a broken, battered and failed presidential system, he can pave the way for a brighter future for all Filipino families, whether political ones or otherwise.” Garrie implied.


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