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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Filipino Engineer in China donates body parts to benefit six Chinese

Medical staff bow to the body of Abear Wilber, composite photos from
China’s BIGGEST Newspaper, People’s Daily honored Filipino OFW despite untimely death due to brain trauma on July 17, 2018 in the Province of Jiangsu, China as the first foreigner to donate body organs benefitting six (6) Chinese patients.

Abear Wilbert, who worked as an electronics engineer, met her wife ‘Mrs. Wang’ in Guangzhou where they had two daughters and eventually decided to settle down in Wuxi City, according to reports.

Wilbert was rushed to Taizhou City People’s Hospital with the aid of local police on July 6, when he passed out in to a deep coma while in an expressway when Mrs. Wang called for help.

Despite successful surgery by removing blood clots and lumps in the skull, Wilbert was declared ‘Brain Dead’ on the faithful day of July 17 with the presence of mourning family members. Wilbert passed away after suffering from a Cerebral Hemorrhage.
Abear Wilber, photo from 领英 (Google)
The surviving members of the family including Wilbert’s mother AGREED to his eagerness to donate his body organs, should he pass away. Six (6) Chinese patients from Taizhou City shall ‘inherit’ Wilbert’s heart, liver, kidneys and a pair of his corneas with Wang’s consent. Despite grief, Wilbert’s mother commended her son’s kindness in helping others even at his own life’s end.

Wilbert will be known as the first foreigner in China to donate body organs, saving six (6) Chinese lives.

In a Twitter post, People’s Daily, China (@PDChina) twitted: "Abear Wilbert, a #Filipinoengineer who died after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage, has become the first foreigner to donate body organs in Taizhou City, East China's Jiangsu Province, which will benefit six Chinese."

Meanwhile, RJ Nieto’s Facebook Blog Site, “ThinkingPinoy” acknowledged PDChina’s post with the caption: MARAMING SALAMAT, KABAYAN. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE showing inset photos of Chinese Doctors bowing beside Wilbert’s cadaver showing DEEP RESPECT to the Filipino.
Medical staff bow to the body of Abear Wilber, photo from
Many Netizens responded to ThinkingPinoy’s post with testimonies of their affiliation to the late Pinoy Engineer commending his deed.

Netizen Kathleen Valleser said, “he is from Cebu working same company before, kudos kabayan we are proud of you, sending heaven with my prayers. You inspired me to do the same whenever I'm gone.”

Jhoj Trevenio commented, claiming “he was our diodes technician in National Semiconductor Cebu (Fairchild Semiconductor Cebu). He is my relative "ABEAR" clan in Argao Cebu. I cant forget his goodness kaya cya lagi ang suki namin na paayusin ng mga nasira na makina. By nature, Wilbert "BUTCH" Abear is so approachable and intellectual ug buotan jud. Pahuway na butch... dong, salamat sa mga good memories. We (diodes dept.) are proud of you. RIP Butch Abear and condolence to the family.”

Read some reactions from ThinkingPinoy' post:

Joan M. Madriñan: I salute you kabayan,REST IN PEACE at Condolence po sa pamilya nya,alam ko San ka man naroroon ngayon ai masaya kpo dahil may mga natulungan alam ko ung mga natulungan mo ai habang Buhay nilang tatanawing utang na loob ung ginawa mo,at salamat po kabayan at sobrang na inspired ako sa ginawa mo.😥

えら ラクソ: They thanked the person for his contributions in helping to save other lives. That is the most dignified proper way, for it was him not an invisible god. Dapat lang. ❤️❤️❤️and if anyone would say it was god who gave them that man, then ask yourselves the question, why did that god not save that man so he can keep working to save his own family?

Joeyv Devela: Nagpapatunay lang ito na hindi lahat ng pilipino ay.may dilaw na utak at galit sa China. Rest in peace brother your deed will forever sealed the friendship between the Philippines and China.


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