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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Former MTRCB board member defends GMA as House Speaker against Sen. Poe on "wala na bang iba" remarks

Former MTRCB board member and opinion columnist Mike Acebedo Lopez recently took to Facebook to jab at Senator Grace Poe who we know expressed her dissent towards the ascension of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to being House Speaker, replacing Alvarez.
Mike Acebedo Lopez, Sen. Grace Poe and Former President and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo / Photo from Facebook / Inquirer and Philstar

"Bagama’t ako’y wala namang kapangyarihan na mamili dito sa lower House, minsan napapaisip ako, wala na bang ibang puwedeng pagpilian?" Poe said.

Lopez was quick to asses Poe’s contribution to her profession and to the public she serves.

According to Lopez, when Poe asked if there was really no one else to be House Speaker, implying that Arroyo was a bad pick to begin with, Lopez said that it was also the exact same that he thought when Poe initially ran for president in 2016.

Lopez also admitted that there was indeed corruption during the term of Arroyo. But defends the former president by saying that she has already gone through due process and has survived the cases thrown against her. But more than that, Lopez said that even if Arroyo did have corruption in her term, former presidents have as well.

With regards to Arroyo’s “Hello Garci” scandal, Lopez said that she has already apologized for it anyway. Aside from that, Lopez says that amidst that scandal, Arroyo still legitimately won the presidency race.

He added that Arroyo was even unjustly persecuted and detained. Lopez said that former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III was the one who should be at fault for the alleged wrongful imprisonment of Arroyo. 

He says that the way that Arroyo addressed the accusations against her is something that should be commended. But more than that, Lopez assures Poe that Arroyo deserves the House Speaker position because she is the “best performing” president economy-wise, aside from president Duterte.

Read his full post here:

"I know what’s been said about Gloria Macapagal Arroyo by the media in the years she was president and post-presidency and get why people would believe things.

But I have observed her in her unguarded moments, I have talked to her not a few times in private, I’ve seen her motivations and how she processes things.

Grace Poe asks, “wala na bang iba?” Well, this was also what people were asking when you were running for president. When it was just you, Roxas, and Binay. “Wala na bang iba?” Until Mayor Duterte came along, that is.
Senator Grace Poe / Photo from Manila Bulletin

You accuse GMA of corruption. Uhm, with all due respect to someone I had worked with before in the MTRCB, someone who was actually very nice to me, but are you not a believer of due process? Well, lest you conveniently forget, GMA has squarely faced every accusation against her in the courts and she has been triumphant each time. Not without suffering, but yes, triumphant each time. That is due process.

I won’t say there was no corruption during her time. There was. And she did incentivize things to get things done. That is, in my observation, she withheld and released funds to make sure her most important priority measures were passed by the legislature. Just like most, if not all, presidents.

Whatever you believe, the Presidential Electoral Tribunal was convened following the 2004 elections when your father lost to GMA to hear the protest of Loren Legarda against Noli de Castro on the vice presidency, and you know what, because the president and VP were just beside each other, PET affirmed that GMA actually won.

“Hello Garci,” you ask? GMA apologized for the impropriety of calling a Comelec official to ask the figures (simply because there was no precedent of a sitting president running for president post-Marcos), but the call, since it was placed when all the certificates of canvass (COCs) were already physically in Congress in QC, could not have affected the outcome of the elections since Garci was physically in Mindanao. The COCs were guarded by all parties and CCTV cameras whilst in Batasan.
Former President and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo / Photo from ABS-CBN

So, yes, GMA won in 2004 as president and she won again last night as Speaker of the House. If your friend Noynoy Aquino did not unjustly detain her and persecute her throughout the six years he was president, then perhaps congress people would not have found the need to vindicate a woman often misunderstood and vilified.

Sen Grace, GMA did face corruption issues, issues she sufficiently answered in the proper fora. That’s a fact. What else is a fact? GMA, when president, used all her political capital to keep our country afloat during a global economic meltdown, the worst recession the world has seen in nearly a century, that saw the most powerful and established economies floundering and faltering and failing as ours survived and soared to greater heights.

Whether you or your dad (God rest his soul) or Mar Roxas would’ve done great as president remains in the realm of speculation. What is not speculative, on the other hand, is as far as presidents go, like her or not, GMA is, thus far (because PRRD has not yet finished his term), the best performing president, economy-wise.

Deal with it."