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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Friend of Paco Larrañaga speaks up on the controversial case: "Don't Pity Paco"

Paco Larrañaga (Photo credit to El Pais)
Some say that there are always two sides to every story. But on the controversial case of the Chiong sisters and the allegedly mastermind of the crime, Paco Larrañaga, there is actually three sides: The Chiong sisters, The Chiong Seven and the TRUTH.

Throughout the end of the week, the controversial case, made a buzz on social media after a documentary titled "Give Up Tomorrow" produced in 2011, demonstrated Larrañaga's side of the story were reemerged by netizens.

Likewise, the case become overly dubious after Viva released its most recent film "Jacqueline Comes Home", a film based in the true-to-life tragic story of the Chiong sisters, Marijoy and Jacqueline, who were allegedly seized, assaulted and for Marijoy's case, murdered in Cebu City.

Netizens, family and friends of both sides then bombarded social media with their opinions and supports.

One of which is Paco Larrañaga's friend, Jourdan Sebastian, who recently stood up to defend Paco, and appealed to the public to support the petition, urging President Rodrigo Duterte and the Supreme Court to review or reopen the controversial case.

On his recent Facebook post, Sebastian, shared some photos of Paco and recounted his own stories about the latter, from their high school memories up to their college days.

Photos shared by Jourdan Sebastian (Credit to his Facebook page)
He admitted that Paco was not a perfect guy back then. Like any other guys, he got into fights and beats up other men. He drinks with friends like normal teenagers do and did some awful things in the past.

With that being said, Sebastian however is very sure that Paco is not the one who assaulted and executed the Chiong sisters, as indicated to what his accusers claim. He is certain that his friend did not do the crime he is convicted for.

Sebastian then guaranteed that he himself would not lie for Paco in the event that he knew Paco really killed and raped the Chiong sisters. Same goes with their other friends, classmates and teachers.

Correspondingly, Sebastian and the rest who believes in Paco, now fights for truth and justice and find the real culprits of the crime.

More so, Sebastian said that they are fighting for each one of the individuals who are victims of people in power who will successfully control the truth for their egotistical agendas, because for him, "an injustice for one is an injustice to everyone. And when vengeance reigns more than justice... everyone is already a victim."

Photo credit to GMA network

Read his full post below:

"Don’t pity Paco.

As a close highschool friend, I can tell you... Back in those days Paco was an asshole. Paco was a bully. He was an extremely entitled asshole and a bully to even some of his schoolmates in Don Bosco Highschool Cebu. At the height of his violent spree I heard that Diosman Aznar and Paco went around getting into fights and in some beating up people to a pulp. This is all true. I will not lie for him or paint a good picture of him just because he is my friend.

Back in the day... Diosman and Paco were the bad boys of Cebu. And everybody knew it and a lot of Cebuanos were scared of them. I heard all about it when I was living in Manila. But Paco was different the last I saw him as a free man. He was not the monster that I heard about. He was a chef student in a culinary school in Katipunan.

Yes, he was still “bugoy”, Cebuano for prankster... and we still drank a lot... he was a real fun guy to be with and a real gentleman to his lady Bisaya friends... he didn’t exhibit that violent streak that made him so notorious in Cebu. He was more relaxed in Manila. It helped that our Cebuano barkada in Manila were chill and steady peeps. We just really loved to go out and drink and have a good time... almost every night... right #BaranggayTagay?

I will tell you straight out... he did beat up a lot of people. Together I can vaguely remember around 3 scuffles that we were involved in while I was in Cebu. One was a football match and the two were over girls and beers. That’s just me and him. And I’m the peace loving type. I’m sure he had a lot more when he was hanging out with Diosman who was more notorious than he was.

All that said, Paco did not rape or kill the Chiong sisters... according to what his accusers claim. Because our entire barkada, composed of decent and very chill individuals would not lie for him if we knew he killed and raped those Chiong sisters. Why would we? Lying to set him free is tantamount to lying for a murderer and a rapist... We are his friends but he is not someone that we would lie for... especially if we believe he raped and killed 2 innocent girls. That’s just us... his barkada. What about his classmates and teachers?

Do you actually believe ALL your teachers and classmates would lie for you if they knew of the possibility that their lying would set a rapist and a killer free? If that simple logic escapes you... it is because there is a refusal to accept the truth. Why?

Because of biases... and prejudices. Some of the people arguing with me on-line are actual victims or friends or families of the victims of Paco and Diosman. Or those that hate their guts in general. I am not arguing with them wether Paco or Diosman are evil people or not. With that I will have to agree that Paco did some horrible things in the past... but one thing I am sure of... he did not do the crime he is convicted for.

The witnesses don’t disagree that Paco is a bad person that deserves to pay for his actions. What we are fighting for is wether he is suffering for the crime that someone else committed.

Should we make him pay even if it sacrifices true justice for the actual perpetrators of the crime? That is not justice. That is vengeance.

Vengeance does not care for truth or fairness... vengeance will demand for blood even if the blood is that of someone innocent... even if the blood isn’t that of the perpetrators themselves. Vengeance is fake justice. And if we have a society that settles for vengeance then nobody is really safe from the people who perpetrate crimes in the first place. The quest to fight for the truth is not a quest to clear Paco’s name. We are beyond that. The quest for truth is to fight for a justice system that truly defends the innocent and punishes the truly guilty ones. And Paco is only but one of many that suffer fake justice in this country... being punished for crimes that they did not commit. The fight for Paco should not end with Paco... but it is a good start. For if Paco with all the people backing him up cannot even get a fair shake from our justice system... what about the countless others. So I say again... don’t pity Paco. He is in a better spot than the countless other innocent people suffering in prison who were also wrongfully accused for crimes they did not commit. He has actually learned to forgive the countless people that hate him and continue to wrongfully accuse him.

Rather, continue to relentlessly fight for truth and justice... for all... for all those who are victims of people in power who will do anything to manipulate the truth for their selfish agendas... because truth be told... an injustice for one is an injustice to everyone. And when vengeance reigns more than justice... everyone is already a victim.

Source: Jourdan Sebastian