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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Int'l relations expert to "anti-Duterte church leaders": Duterte is correcting your hypocrisy

Jun Avelino and the Philippine Catholic Church priests, photo compiled from Facebook and Pinoy Thinking
International Relations expert Jun Avelino, in his Facebook page blasted the leaders of the Catholic church and defended President Rodrigo Duterte amidst the feud between the two parties, and said that the President is only revealing the truth about the crookedness of the Filipino church.

Duterte previously berated the church on grounds of crimes such as rape, pedophilia and corruption, and has been on the spotlight after he called the catholic God "stupid".

Avelino claimed that the act of the President rooted from the years that the church has been contradicting him, since he started his campaign for the elections in 2016.

Avelino also said that the point of Duterte is justifiable, considering the heinous crimes that the church has committed, along with all the criminals it has defended.

Some of these criminals he named were detained Senator Leila de Lima and Senator Antonio Trillanes.

His full post read as follows:

"The “Religious Detoxification” of the Church and its Leaders

To the Anti Dutertard Church Leaders,

In the light of the recent “your God is stupid” comment of Digong and your cry for his crossing the line, I wish to remind you of the following:

During the Presidential Campaign in 2016, you used God’s teachings in campaigning against Duterte and you even went openly in public spewing lies on his person by calling him murderer, womanizer, mysoginist and a person whose aura is irreconcilable with God’s teachings and hence, voting for him was tantamount to putting an evil in Malacanang. You plead with your flock to heed to this divine call which they defied and voted for Duterte instead – an act of rebuke to your political machinations. Isn’t Duterte’s victory a divine intervention then? What happened to the latin maxim which says, “Vox Populi, Vox Dei”? or the Christian teaching (some sect) which says that elected leaders are supposed representatives of God for without God’s will, they would have not been in power?

When Duterte became President, you constantly demonized him by criticizing his governance for being anti people and contrary to the teachings of God which your flock never agreed as evidenced by the results of surveys showing 80 percent of the people, mostly Catholics, supporting Duterte’s leadership and government programs and policies particularly on his war on drugs, criminalities and corruption. And you even attempted to encourage people to revolt against the government of Duterte by asking them to go to EDSA, attend rallies, fora and pickets to condemn the killings of the drug lords, drug pushers, drug addicts and other criminals while conveniently closing your eyes and ears from hearing the cries of the thousands of victims and their families on the evils brought by the drugs and other criminalities which Duterte wants to stop so this country may live in peace.

Your God’s house provided sanctuary to Matobato and Lascanas, both self-confessed killers with blood of over hundreds of people on their hands and you even helped them spew their lies in cahoots with Senator Trillanes during Senate hearings against Duterte. Where are these people now whom you claimed to have repented from their sins as opposed to Duterte whom they accused of crime against humanity? How about their victims and the sufferings of the families left behind out of their brutal and heinous crimes? Clearly, you used these criminals to get a piece of Duterte by using the name of your God as a justification – Isn’t this demonic?

You prayed over the head of Delima, showing to your flock that she is innocent and your God is with her because she is fighting against Duterte. How about the drug cases she is facing under our laws? Are you saying that it’s okay and acceptable to god for one to deal with drugs as long as he/she is against Duterte? How about her admission that she f*cked her driver, a married man, whose family was destroyed because of his relationship with Delima? Are you allowing Delima’s excuse of “frailty of a woman” to wreck a Christian family just because she is against Duterte? What kind of God’s teaching are you trying to preach?

You brought around coffins to dramatize how your God is aghast by the killings in this country under Duterte’s drug war; and even utter condemnation in the pulpits proclaiming that your God is against what the Duterte government is doing. But when you initiate and attend rallies, you conveniently disregarded the miserable sight of the homeless sleeping on the sidewalks, shun the beggars asking for small help and refused to be immersed with the horrible state of your flock’s lives in the slum areas. Are these acts reflective of those who are Godly leaders and believers?

You defended the ousted CJ Sereno for going against Duterte and prayed over her and asked your flock to support her notwithstanding the legal issues which supported her ouster before the laws of men – our constitution. And yet you want to use God’s teachings for people to be revulsive as what the Supreme Court has done is contrary to God’s teachings. Isn’t this a devilish madness?

You used God’s teachings in condemning Duterte’s pro Marcos image and the Martial Law imposed in Mindanao which was done in accordance with the Constitution and urge your flock to go against Duterte for being a dictator and a human rights violator. Yet you never said anything to condemn when the infamous Mendiola Massacre, the Hacienda Luisita mass murder, the Mamasapano and Kidapawan massacres happened aside from the plunder of the government’s coffers during the Aquino administration through DAP, PDAF, Dengvaxia, Philhealth, and dozens of scandals and atrocities committed by previous administration. Is it your God’s teaching to embrace the crimes committed by the Aquinos because they are close to the Catholic Church and condemn those of Duterte’s because he refused to be used by catholic leadership? Sanamagan!

With all your shenanigans, including prayers for Duterte to be removed from office and the hate campaigns you initiated for the faithful to go against his government, Digong remains the President to date with support from the majority of the people. Isn’t it possible that the God with whom you sent your prayers to is aware of your evil motives and that in fact, He is supporting Digong to save our country from your demonic political machinations in the guise of religion?

When he uttered the now globally famous line “your god is stupid” it was said in the context of the priests, bishops, cardinals, and other church leaders using the name of God to destroy his government and tried to use God’s teachings to persuade the people into bringing our government down. When you used God’s name in the pulpit, parading coffins on the streets wearing your white sotanas, attend rallies, demonstrations and pickets and you obliged your flock to join you because this is what god wants you to do…. Isn’t this using God’s name in vain to serve your political interests and agenda camouflaged as religious teachings?

When you prayed over criminals like Matobato, Lascanas, Delima who killed people and destroy families just because they are against Duterte, aren’t you showing to the people the questionable image of the God for harboring criminals in his name just so you can get a piece of a leader who never served your selfish interests? Isn’t this mocking your own god before the eyes of your flock which explains why the leadership of the churches are now alienated from the faithful or the church itself? Clearly, the god Digong was attacking was not the real God whom we adore and serve faithfully as Christians. He was attacking your lust for POWER and MONEY which have become the epitome of your faith and has in effect, become your god, which you tried to protect and yet stand to lose when Digong became President.

Yes, it’s the Anti Dutertard church leaders who crossed the line for using God’s name in vain, mocking their own religion and bastardize the Christian teachings to suit their own selfish political vendetta and agenda against the President. Digong’s reaction to insult “your god” is a timely divine intervention for the church itself to go through “religious detoxification” whereby the church leaders’ moral and religious ascendancy will be put to scrutiny and weed the leadership, particularly those involved in partisan political activities, thus serving the interests of political groups and individuals for money and power at the expense of true Christian teachings.

There came a point in our country's history when the government of our country was controlled by the friars and the result was catastrophic to the well-being of our nation. Remember Father Damaso of the Noli and those Spanish priests who raped our women and sucked the wealth of our country in the name of “god” during the Spanish era? For fuck sake, they were the epitome of the Christian Faith and the Filipino people adored them as representatives of god. Can’t we say then that their god at that time was stupid? If that is so, then Digong is correct in his claim given the similar realities around where the church leaders put premium on money and power over the dignity and welfare of the faithful and allowed priests to go scot-free over rape cases of women, young children and engaged into illicit relationships with married women. Enough with hypocrisy! – JA"

Source: Jun Avelino