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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Lawyer burns Trillanes, slaps the hypocrisy of the Senator

Attorney Bruce Rivera is the latest one to attack Senator Antonio Trillanes IV over the latter’s statement about the Philippines being the murder capital of Asia.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV / Photo credit to Rappler

Here is Trillanes’ full statement:

“Duterte’s culture of ciolence is upon us. No one is safe now. Regardless, whether Mayor Halili is involved in the illegal drug trade, nothing justifies this murder. Now, for someone who promised to restore peace and order in our country during the campaign, it is ironic for a lot of people that Duterte has actually turned the Philippines into the murder capital of Asia.”
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV / Photo credit to News5

After this was released, Rivera had a few words for Trillanes which he posted on his public Facebook account.

First thing Rivera said was that it was hypocritical for Trillanes to call out and condemn “fake news” when he spreads fake news as well.

Rivera said that Trillanes’ statement about the Philippines being the murder capital of Asia because of Duterte is fake news because according to him, the Philippines has always been the murder capital of Asia, even during the past administrations.

He says that this tag of the Philippines has already been around a long time. Rivera also seems to hint that it is only now that Trillanes is bringing this up again so he could just blame it on president Duterte.

The second thing that Rivera pointed out what that the Duterte administration and Duterte supporters also do not like murder. Amidst so many statements of Duterte, Rivera said that Duterte is not the result of the killings that have happened in our country. He adds that it was in 2013 that the Philippines had the mightiest murder rate.

Lastly, Rivera said that the president did not fail in fulfilling his promise of making the country safe. He says that people do feel safe in the streets at night. He says that those who do not feel safe are those who are “privileged” and are “untouchables”. He says that the killings that have been happening are for good reason and the people who are killed are those who have been doing illegal things.
Atty. Bruce Rivera / Photo from Facebook

Ending his post, he says that he does not justify the death of Mayor Halili, but urges Trillanes to not make it a political ammunition for his benefit.

Read his full post here:


Let me count the hypocrisy of your statement.

First, ang galing mong magkaso dahil sa fake news sa mga bloggers at kahit hindi ko bet ang kinasuhan mo, hindi ba to say you are a victim of fake news is also not to be a source of fake news as to victimize others.

Kung sasabihin mong biktima ka ng fake news tapos you will using immunity when you spread fake news is not only unfair but unjust. Hindi ka pwedeng galawin pero ikaw pwede mamalita ng hindi naman totoo. Because when you say something that is true but from a self-serving perspective, it is as sick as saying something false.

The Philippines is not just the murder capital of Asia. It has always been the murder capital of Asia. It was true in the past administrations In fact, in the latest statistic by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (2016), yes the year the the term EJK became popular, the Philippines had a murder rate of 11.385 for every 100,000 Filipinos. And this statistic was not based on the actual PNP statistics but on the number peddled by your camp. This is also take into account that Asia as a region has the smallest murder rates in the world. So if you blame Duterte for this, then blame also the past administrations for the consistency. And blame yourself for not doing anything despite holding a national office longer than Duterte.

In short, kung ngayon mo lang nilabas ang fact na yan when it was a fact known long ago, then clearly, Duterte is not the cause for this culture of violence.

Perhaps it is the same culture of violence that allow rebels like you who take the law in their own hands, occupy a hotel using arms and violence that glorified you enough to be elected in office.

Second, no one justified the murder. You are saying as if PRD issued the hit. You are saying PRD turned the country murderous when we have always been a murderous country. Filipinos have not changed. We never liked murder and we never will. But perhaps, we have been used to this fact even if you and the rest of the public servants and religious who are against Duterte have been quiet about the disturbing fact. In 2013 there were more nga 16,300 plus Filipinos murdered, the highest rate on record. And now, you are saying Duterte has turned us as the murder capital. Excuse me, Senator, mali ang taong dapat mong akusahan ng ganyan.

Third, when you say PRD reneged on his promise to deliver peace and order, let me be very clear. He did not fail. The population generally feels safe. International surveys are saying that. The only reason people feel they do not feel safe is because in the past, all the killings is not reported by media for some reason. During the past administrations, when a Mayor is killed, you did not go out and directly accuse the president as the indirect cause of the murder? And yet, now everything is blamed on PRD.

Lastly, when you say "no one is safe", have you even asked those who are working at night how it feels safer to walk the streets at night? Just because the seemingly untouchables like drug lords and the priviledged few like you fall victim to intentional killings like murder does not mean no one is safe. It simply means that now, people murder because of really sinister motives and not just kill dahil napagtripan o di kaya nagkataon na bangag ako at siya ang napadaan o kaya, ganito kasi ako pag may tama, gusto ko ng sex at kung sinong malas na dumaan o nakita ko, malas lang niya.

I will not justify any reason or motive to that was used to kill Mayor Halili. But I cannot also allow you use his death as a means to promote a twisted reasoning."

Source: Bruce Rivera