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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Liberal Party as opposition becomes ‘irrelevant’ in PH politics – foreign political analyst

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Even as an opposition, a foreign geo-political expert views the Liberal Party (LP) as having lost its purpose in Philippine democracy.

“It becomes clear that not only is the Liberal Party unfit to govern but even in the current presidential system where an opposition party needn’t even have a counter-program to the government, the Liberals are not even fit to oppose,” Eurasia Future Director and geo-political analyst Adam Garrie wrote.

For Garrie, the LP is far gone in their purpose as a party and as an opposition given that they lack any alternative solutions to what they view as radical strategies to wipe out crime and illegal drugs in the country.

Simply put, how does one act as an opposition if one does not have any alternative offers better than what the current government is implementing?

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Garrie quoted what an LP spokesperson said as a retort to President Rodrigo Duterte’s claims of Vice President Leni Robredo being incompetent, “we do not desire to grab power, but to ensure that power is not misused or abused”.

However, the political analyst was quick to question the claims of the Yellow camp because he noted how they are busier with pushing for the removal of Duterte from power rather than proving themselves to be better and capable leaders.

The President himself had previously mocked the outcries of the opposition against him by asking, “these are the groups, you know, that were elected during the last administration…ask them what they accomplished while they were in power?”

Not only is the LP acting like a whiny brat, they have also failed to heed the opinion of the very people they claim to serve.

Garrie points out that the Yellows apparent attacks on the data-supported public favor towards the President threatens the very existence of the party, and they may very well “consigning” their selves “to the dustbin of Philippine political history.”

The uproar of the Yellows on Duterte’s alleged interest in extending his term through the Constitutional change has long been debunked by the President’s claim of not wanting to stay in power a day longer.

Electoral fraud is currently an issue, but it has been pinned down on the LP’s highest political candidate, not on Duterte who has evidently won the elections fair and square.

The opposition demands for Duterte’s more decisive and aggressive foreign policies especially towards China, but it seems they forgot to mention that their own Yellow camp has been too dependent on foreign support for too long.

Garrie notes that if the LP intends to make themselves a worthier opponent, then they have to transform their “hysterical obstructionism” into “concrete proposals”.

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These are some of the issue that the LP is fond of tackling if only as an attempt to paint the President as a blood-lusting madman, however, the Eurasia Future director sees that their efforts are in vain.
“It becomes clear that the Liberals are less of a political party than a strange lifestyle for those who at no point have any contact with reality,” Garrie said.

"This is why the Liberals are afraid of the political changes that will come with a new Constitutional settlement. If they are doing so poorly in a political system that is manifestly obsolete, imagine how poorly they would do in a federal-parliamentary system that more accurately reflects the political feelings of the nation." he added.