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Monday, July 23, 2018

PH needs competent leaders to unite nation — Robredo

Vice President Leni Robredo, photo from Manila Bulletin
Prior to President Rodrigo Duterte’s 3rd State of the Nation Address on Monday, July 23, Vice President Leni Robredo also had her own chance of the limelight by saying that the county needs “competent and empowering leaders” that can cultivate unity to move the nation forward rather than simply employing ‘strongman’ politics.

“The world offers us so many definitions of what it means to be a good leader. But for me, a good leader inspires, empowers, and listens. A great leader works harder than anyone and brings people together, rather than sows division,” VP Leni said.

“A competent leader solves problems rather than makes them. Most of all, a deserving leader helps people catch his or her vision for a bright future, and delivers promises for that future to happen sooner, rather than later,” Leni added.

She cited, in her remarks, of a Sabrina Ongkiko who surrendered her dream of being a doctor to teach at Culiat Elementary School in Quezon City, and a Mark Anthony Talibutab who hiked through the height of mountains to help villagers through learning sessions and amusing them with puppet shows.
Vice President Leni Robredo, photo from
Addressing young professionals and graduate students at the 4th Young Professionals Summit held at the De La Salle University – Taft, Manila last Saturday, the Vice President, in her keynote speech stressed that ‘true leadership’ “demands that power be shared with ordinary people; not clutched in the hands of a few.”

“True leadership employs empathy and inspiration; not fear and hopelessness. That is the kind of leadership that builds a strong nation,” she said

Unlike the strongmen who ‘instill fear’ among the people, Robredo said that the country also needs who would inspire TRUST and CONFIDENCE in others.

“Competent and empowering leadership is not about demanding obedience by usurping all forms of power; it is about inspiring trust and confidence in such a way that you do not ever have to demand obedience. It is not about being above the rules; it is about proving to everyone that the rule of law applies to all,” Robredo said.
Vice President Leni Robredo, photo from
Inferring to President Duterte’s ‘strongman’ approach to leadership, VP Leni alluded, “More than a display of brute force and the use of strong language, we need leaders who will reach out and be one with the last, the lost, and the least of us.”

“We need leaders who are empowering and inspiring, who bring out the best in people, and help them become great leaders as well. They need to be courageous, so that they are not threatened by the act of listening, that they are not offended even by dissent,” the Vice President added.


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