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Monday, July 9, 2018

Regine’s twitter post against President Duterte mobbed by mixed reactions

President Rodrigo Duterte and Regine Velasquez, composite photos from PEP and Regine alcasid Twitter
Renowned Filipina singer, actress and record producer, Regine Velasquez have recently drawn ‘mixed’ attention from Netizens of the ‘Twitter – verse’ on her ‘tweet’ meant to condescend the President’s belief on God.

Her July 7 tweet was posted as, “Nalulungkot na talaga ako, hindi ako mahilig makialam sa mga ganito pero Mr. President, kuha napo namin na hindi kayo naniniwala kay GOD, Pero marami po sa amin ang nainiwala sa kanya.

“Hindi naman po namumulitika si God kaya wag napo natin siya idamay,” captured both unpretentious, open – minded souls and rather bigoted opinions from simpletons who act like they are of great importance in the society.

Regine’s tweet was immediately responded by a Rolando P. Nagtalon Jr. saying: “Funny how people, who we’ve seen and witnessed to be religious, have suddenly gone astray from their beliefs just because they believe in our President (capitalized out of respect) than the existence of GOD who they put their faith in all their lives. Yoko na sa earth!”

Which was retorted by Moses saying, “If I believe in the President, it does not not necessarily mean that I do not believe in God. You can believe both in God and the President because the President himself believes in God, not in the fake God.”
Regine Velasquez, photo from (Google)
Rolando P. Nagtalon Jr. countered, “while being proud of his blasphemy. Hypocrisy.”

Moses however was persistent in defending the President by saying, “How could you say what he said is a blasphemy? Please be cautious on attributing words to whom it does not really concern. Again, President does not blaspheme if he utters an undeniably true statement.”

Nagtalon Jr. obviously got schooled and had a taste of his own medicine. He then ceased the argument with a response, saying: “I rest my case. We both know the truth. Good luck to you and the President then.”

With more rounds to spare, Moses replied, “Don’t ever incriminate me to your so called “truth” because if you really know the truth, then you won’t let negative words against the President in his religious views.”
President Rodrigo Duterte, photo from The Trent (Google)
The President, who has drawn flak for his provocative remarks on God, urged the religious sector, the critical ones in particular, to be somewhat ‘neutral’ on their beliefs because of the essence of the Church and State principle.

Duterte’s fall – out with the Church widened last month when he called God “stupid” by letting ‘temptation’ ruin his creation. Officials defended the issue by saying that the President’s anxiety rooted from the alleged harassment he experienced from an American priest when he was in high school.


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