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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Retired military officer disclosed reasons why 'they want to oust President Duterte'

President Rodrigo Duterte (right) and retired military Abe Purugganan / Composite photo from Pinterest and Twitter

Abe Purugganan, a former military official and a graduate of Philippine Military Academy (PMA) has laid down the possible reasons why do President Rodrigo Duterte’s critics want to oust him.

In his very recent Facebook post, Purugganan gave six possible reasons on ‘why do they want to oust president Duterte.’

Aside from that, Purugganan also provided six equal reasons why the public knows about the ouster plan. 

Check out his complete post below:


Possible reasons:

1.   To prevent the changing of the 1987 Constitution.
2.   To prevent the Duterte administration from discovering, investigating, and prosecuting members of the Liberal Party for their multi-billion corruption cases and anomalies done in the Aquino administration.
3.   To install Leni Robredo as President.
4.   To make sure that Leni Robredo remains as VP.
5.  To prevent the Bongbong Marcos from winning the recount.
6.  The drug syndicate are losing big time and are desperate to oust President Duterte.

(Open source information)

1. The communists and church leaders are plotting to oust President Duterte.
2. The AFP has confirmed plans by communist terrorists to oust President Rodrigo Duterte from power this October
3. Communist rebels today reaffirmed their commitment to remove President Rodrigo Duterte from office, belittling the chief executive’s supposed "independent foreign policy" aimed at reducing reliance on the United States.
4. The opposition with their allies in the media continues to poison the minds of the general population. Unfounded accusations and issues are being thrown against Pres Duterte to sow dissension and discontent.*
5.  Senator Trillianes have previously admitted that the political opposition has different plans to remove Pres Duterte from office.
6.  All k*llings including the assassination of priests and of Mayor Halili of Batangas are attributed by the political opposition and the Catholic church to EJK.

So, what would President Duterte do about it?
Is it time for him to declare revgov or a nationwide ML?
Or will he wait for them to execute their ouster plan?
Are we ready for this?

The former military official is a known supporter of Duterte as he joins the president in making the Filipio people embrace Federalism.

As of July 4, 2018, the 22-man Consultative Committee (ConCom) tasked to create a new charter has unanimously approved the draft constitution of the proposed Federal Republic of the Philippines.

According to retired chief justice Reynato Puno, who leads the committee, the panel is set to present the draft charter shifting to a federal form of government to the president on July 9.

Puno also disclosed that under the proposed draft, the president’s term will end in 2022.

“That’s it. It’s not open-ended,” Puno said.

“We specifically stated there that there will be no term extension for the president and the vice president. In fact, we are not even sure whether he will accept the position of a transitory president or the person who will preside in the transition to the federal government,” he said.*

Also, Puno said that draft charter seeks to carve at least 18 federated regions corresponding to the 17 existing regions including the Negros Island.

He added that a plebiscite should be scheduled next year, this is to give the public time to understand the new Constitution or the changes made on it.

As for the communist rebels, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) claimed that CPP-NPA are planning to oust the president.

AFP Spokesman Colonel Edgard Arevalo said on Tuesday that the ouster plan was allegedly captured in documents recovered by authorities and was confirmed by statements from communist rebels who have surrendered to the government.

“There is such  plan that [was hatched] during the period that there was a lull in the operations because of the ongoing ceasefire,” Arevalo said.

Retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno / Photo from RMN.PH