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Monday, July 2, 2018

Roque: Some church leaders may be conniving with Reds to oust President Duterte

President Spokesperson Harry Roque /  credits to Presidential photos 

Manila, Philippines – Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said on Monday that there is a possibility that some church officials could be conniving with the communist rebels to oust President Rodrigo Duterte from his position.

“Baka marami nga sa kanila (Catholic Church leaders) eh hindi nila tatanggapin si Presidente. Kaya nga hindi malayo na magkaisa ‘yung ilan sa kanila diyan sa CPP-NPA na patalsikin si Presidente Duterte,” Roque said in a press briefing in Leyte.

(There could be a lot of them, they can’t accept the president. That’s why, it is not impossible for them to join with CPP-NPA in ousting President Duterte.)

“Pero yan po ay panaginip, dahil ang president po unang una, nanalo po yan na walang daya. Marami nga ang nagsasabi baka mas marami pa ang boto pero wala pong kaduda-duda ang mandato na binigay kay pangulong Duterte, at nasa Bibilya po yan na kailangang respetuhin ang mga pinili ng taong bayan” he added.

(that is all a dream, because in the first place, the president won without cheating. Many were saying that there could have been more votes, but there’s no doubt about the mandate given to president Duterte. It is written in the Bible, that the chosen leader must be respected.)

Meanwhile, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has denied involvement in any plot to destabilize the Duterte administration.

“There is no truth to that, definitely not true” said Imus Bishop Reynaldo Evangelista, the chair of the public affairs committee of the CBCP.

Further, Roque also said that the criticisms of the church to the president started in 2016 after their preferred candidate did not win the election.*

“Alam niyo naman talaga ‘yung patutsada ng Simbahan, eh nagsimula naman ‘yon nung natalo ‘yung kandidato nila noong eleksyon. Tapatan na, Kristiyano naman tayo, bakit pa tayo magpapaligoy-ligoy. Marami po talaga sa Simabahan hindi matanggap na ‘yung kandidato nila talunan. ” he said, without naming the candidate.

(You know that criticisms of the church started when their candidate did not win the election. Let us get straight to the point, we’re all Christians, why do we need to beat around the bush? There are a lot of people in the Church who can’t accept that their candidate had lost.)

Roque, on the other hand, clarified his remarks after the press briefing saying that his statement was “taken out of context by some news outlets.”*

“The transcript will bear me out that what I was in fact saying is that I am not discounting the possibility that in the near future some religious leaders might join the clamor for the President’s ouster,” Roque explained.

“I was not talking about the Church in general but only referring to those members of the Church who remain unhappy with the election of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte,” he added.

Roque also expressed disappointment that his remarks were taken out of context.*

“I take it that the members of our Fourth Estate are well aware of their sacred responsibility to always report the truth and to practice responsible journalism,” he said.

“On this note, I express my deep disturbance and disappointment that my statement was taken out of context and it was dangerously presumed that I was implying a ‘connivance’ between the Church and the communist group to overthrow the duly constituted government,” he added

Meanwhile, Roque explained that Peace Talks between the government and CPP did not push through because its founder Joma Sison declined the invitation.

"Mayabang po talaga itong si Joma Sison, akala nya sya ang saviour ng bansa. Mantakin nyo patatalsikin daw nila si presidente, hindi raw matatapos ang termino.” Roque said.

(Joma Sison is conceited, he thinks he is a hero of the country. Imagine that, they are planning to oust the president before his term ends)

“Joma Sison, gumising ka na! hindi ka pwedeng magpatalsik ng gobyerno habang ikaw ay nasa Europa, napakatagal mo na dyan umuwi ka rito at ikaw ay mabuhay dito sa Pilipinas nang makita mo iba na ang kundisyon.” He said.

(You have to wake up, Joma Sison! You cannot just oust the government while you are there in Europe. You have been there for too long, come home and live in the Philippines, so would see the condition is no longer the same.)

Communist Party of the Philippines founder Joma Sison / photo from Rappler

Source: Inquirer