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Friday, July 13, 2018

Sen. Lacson on people behind ‘Welcome’ Tarps: “They are enemies of the Republic of the Philippines”

Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson, composite photos from and BussinessWorld (Google)
Senator Panfilo ‘Ping’ Lacson took to Twitter his unsolicited standpoint following Thursday’s sight involving a sizable tarpaulin flaunted on several footbridges around Quezon City that taunted the government with a message saying, “Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China”.

The rather provoking incident happened in time for the Philippines’ 2nd anniversary of victorious International Tribunal vs. China with the disputed Seas.

With vague motives, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque Jr., in a statement, said that the ‘enemies of the government’ were behind the deed while both the leftist group and the opposition either denied or kept mum about the situation.
Senator Ping Lacson, photo from UNTV
Lacson however, referred to the parties behind the act as MORE than just ‘enemies of the government.’

In a tweet posted Friday, Lacson (@iampinglacson) said: “Whoever put up those ‘Province of China’ tarpaulins are not enemies of government. They are enemies of the Republic of the Philippines.”

Roque also expressed his opinion at a news conference, saying: "It’s absurd and I’m sure it’s the enemies of our government behind it. So to them: try again, you need a better gimmick than that."

"Nagpo-provoke lang po siguro iyan. They are obviously propagating a lie that we have given up on our national territory. It’s farthest from the truth," Roque said.

"We continue to assert our sovereignty and sovereign rights. But we decided to move on issues which are non-controversial because we know that the final resolution particularly on the issues of sovereignty on the disputed islands will take many, many, many years to resolve since this was not a subject of the arbitral ruling that we won two years ago," Roque added.
Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque Jr., photo from Philippine Star
The tarpaulin’s message is a strong reference that President Rodrigo Duterte jested about making the Philippines a province of China during a gathering of Filipino – Chinese businessman.

The unprejudiced Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua, however, understood the ‘joke’ was only a reflection of closer ties between China and the Philippines that went sour when former President Aquino took the Arbitration case to court.

Palace opted to disregard the issue and said it will focus on achieving economic progress with China, instead.


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