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Friday, July 20, 2018

Sen. Trillanes sympathizes with local professionals affected by CPD law

Senator Antonio Trillanes, photo from ABS-CBN News
Following the number of issues confronted by the newly implemented CPD Law or the Continuing Professional Development Law, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said that “I totally sympathize with our professionals as they go through the growing pains of this new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) law.”

Senate Records reveals that the CPD Law known as Republic Act 10912 is ‘An act mandating and strengthening the continuing professional development program for all regulated professions, creating continuing professional development council, and appropriating funds therefor, and for other related purposes.

Prompted by an inquiry posed by user known as ‘Tanakreshna’ from an online forum known as Reddit, the opposition senator addressed the matter by replying: “My office has already conducted 3 public hearings to address some concerns and has been closely working with the PRC to make the CPD programs affordable and accessible to them.”

Trillanes elaborated by sharing, “We have gained headway in providing free CPD programs for public school teachers and nurses as both the DepEd and DOH are mandated to be CPD providers. We were also able to reduce the required CPD units for certain professions.”
Senator Antonio Trillanes, photo from
“Moreover, we are pressing the PRC to provide online courses to do away with the costly sit-in programs,” the Senator added.

Citing reasons behind CPD Law’s relevance and why it was passed in the Congress, Trillanes briefly explained:

“First, it was a requisite for the ASEAN integration. It is to enable cross-employment of professionals within the ASEAN region,” he pointed out.

“If we didn’t pass that, our professionals would be placed at disadvantage because the professionals in other member-states can work here while ours cannot work in their countries,” Second, it is intended to help our professionals meet the global standards and be updated with the latest trends and best practices of their profession,” Trillanes said.
Senator Antonio Trillanes, photo from
“For example, a nursing graduate in 1980 who didn’t practice her profession and suddenly decided to practice nursing again, may not be abreast with the developments within the nursing profession,” the senator explained.

“Third, most countries have their own CPD laws or programs for different professions,” Trillanes added.

The CPD Law was prepared and submitted with the collaboration of the Civil Service and Government Reorganization and Finance with Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV as author, along with Cynthia Villar and Francis “Chiz” Escudero per Committee Report No. 95 pending approval in substitution of Senate Bill Number (SBN) 1005 or the ‘Act Mandating the Automation of a National Public School Database’.

Legislative History shows that Senator Trillanes himself was the principal author along with other 17 Senators all in favor of such Law.

Meanwhile, lawmakers Aangat Tayo Party list Representative Neil Abayon and Bernadette Herrera – Dy of Bagong Henerasyon Party list urged President Rodrigo Duterte to finally cease the PRC, which they believe has become a fraud only to exploit all the money and endeavors of both amateur and seasoned professionals in the country.

They said that PRC managed to oblige professionals to sustain further education through various training and seminars but failed to establish an objective that deemed fit to their full advantage, particularly the skilled OFWs.

“Mr. President, please suspend this broken program indefinitely for the sake of Filipino professionals here and abroad, including tens of thousands of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs),” they said.

They also said that the agency has been ‘deaf and blind’ about the sentiments of the professionals which prompted them to escalate the problem directly to the President.

From the words of Abayon himself, the CPD Program has become a big – money making rip – off.

Several professionals have already expressed with dissatisfaction over the CPD Act. Countless petitions from various professions have already been raised since last year.

ACT Teachers Party list Representatives Antonio Tinio and France Castro have initially filed House Bill No. 7171 in the House of Representatives to help repeal the controversial CPD Law

In a formal argument, these representatives described the CPD Law as “geared to benefit foreign corporations—not the professionals themselves nor the Philippine economy, aside from imposing multiple financial, logistical, and psychological burdens on teachers and other professionals.”

“This government should no longer inconvenience our professionals in the name of business and foreign interests. We strongly urge the House of Representatives and the Senate to immediately hear and pass House Bill No. 7171 to repeal the CPD Act of 2016,” they added.

Meanwhile, PRC justified that that the law was enacted primarily to conform with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Mutual Recognition Arrangements, the Philippine Qualifications Framework, and the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework to help Filipino professionals to be AT PAR with the standards of other countries.

Tinio, however, pointed out that the law only makes Filipinos “exported as cheap providers of professional services” adding that it further promotes the “labor export policy, which already sends out of the country daily thousands of Filipinos, professionals among them.”


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