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Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Impregnability of the Duterte Presidency despite Satisfaction Rating Decline

International relations expert and journalist, Jun Avelino, in a lengthy post in Facebook, addressed both Duterte supporters and haters through an analysis on the recent 5 percent drop of President Rodrigo Duterte’s satisfaction ratings in the most recent survey conducted by SWS.
Jun Avelino and President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Facebook and High Times

According to Avelino, the decline of Duterte’s ratings was expected. Stating the country’s political landscape, Avelino said that with the numerous hard hits the administration has taken, the 5 percent drop is the lowest the administration is expected to ever have.

Avelino adds that the “yellowtards” might take this recent development as a success and a stepping stone towards the destabilization of the Duterte administration, however, he tells them that this is not the case. In fact, he says that this instance only proves that the administration is “impregnable and invincible”.

According to him, the far left, or the yellowtards, have been trying to kick Duterte out of his position for a while now. This includes pushing for the peace negotiations between the government and the rebels to happen. He alleges that Jose Maria Sison, the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), along with the rest of the rebels plan to have the peace negotiations with Duterte and come up with a coalition government, then destabilize the Duterte administration from within.

He says that this is the reason why there was a large outcry from the rebels and yellowtards when Duterte just suddenly cancelled the peace talks. He said that Duterte choosing to have localized peace talks instead is killing their plan to take over the Philippine government.

He said that it was the reds who initiated the plan to oust Duterte, gathering an alliance with the yellow, the church, and many others who also want to see Duterte get out of power.

He says that the increase in criticisms and attacks is just one of the strategies of this opposition group therefore, calling all people to be vigilant and highly aware of what they are reading in order to “avoid being trapped and held hostage by the Anti Dutertard’s scheming design”.

Avelino says that the opposition have become so desperate that they have resorted to “cheap gimmickry” in order to get more support and attention. But amidst this, he says that this is the lowest that it can get.

He assesses as well that because of these numerous attacks, the Duterte administration would be on the offensive in order to protect the government. He alleges that the opposition might even go to the extent of murdering the president in order to have Vice President Leonor “Leni” Robredo take the position.

So he advises all Duterte supporters to follow the lead of President Duterte and just ignore the “bias” SWS survey.

Read his full post below:

"The recent SWS survey results showing Duterte’s 5 percent decline on his satisfaction ratings (from 70 percent to 65 percent) must have brought the Anti Duterte Forces jumping into jubilation and in fact, emboldened them with their renewed efforts to intensify their destabilization plot to eventually remove Duterte from the Presidency. But no, not that fast, dude. 

Read the current developments which make up the country’s political landscape. The writings on the wall will tell you that at this point in time, the Duterte Presidency has now become impregnable and no amount of destabilizing efforts can even threaten its invincibility. The decline of his satisfaction ratings was already expected. In fact, it came too late and surprisingly, it is but almost negligible. Can his destabilizers capitalize on this? Here are the reasons why they cannot.

As explained by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the CPP/NPA/NDF and their allies from the far left of the country’s political spectrum have been plotting to oust Duterte even at the height of the peace negotiations where they pushed for a peace deal with the government. It was such a treacherous machination played by Joma and his minions which could have been a political slum dunk on their plan – struck a peace deal first with Digong with a power-sharing caveat and then remove him from the presidency thereafter due to his unpredictability, thereby leaving the reds in substantial control of the government machinery which can lead them to eventual full control of the state powers with Leni Robredo as a dummy Prexy and the yellows as their willing shields with the Makabayan block and their extra-legal political fronts cheering like mad dogs on the streets.

Digong was criticized for his flip-flopping attitude on the peace negotiations. But for political animals gifted with a third eye to fathom the depth of his political maneuverings, we can clearly see that he has been playing the game of Joma to expose to the public his insidious scheming manipulative designs in the peace negotiations every time Digong suspends the peace talks until he was caught red handed lately by his own pronouncements. The Netherland’s elitist revolutionary leaders were desperately pushing on their last card to get Digong to agree on a coalition government considering their advanced age – almost senile. They were almost there and then suddenly, Duterte decided to postpone the talks, thereby causing Joma to go berserk and made a pronouncement that his entire revolutionary forces will just focus on ousting Duterte from the Presidency. Such tactless pronouncement from a revolutionary mouth only confirmed the suspicion that the reds used the peace negotiations only as a fa├žade to advance the realization of their ultimate plan to seize government sans any bloody revolution. But Digong shut them off and Joma is now crying and whining like a little baby who is deprived of his lollipop – the much red-salivated coalition government which Duterte has now unceremoniously buried 6 feet below the ground. 

So in the eyes of the public, it was the CPP/NPA/NDF who killed the peace negotiations and not Duterte. And the fact that this administration is gunning for the localized peace talks, thus dealing directly with the revolutionary forces on the ground, has all the more isolated the elite mouthpiece of the revolution abroad with its forces now surrendering to the government in droves.

The red-initiated plot to oust Duterte is indeed for real and one must wonder how a terrorist group like the CPP can hatch such an ambitious plan considering their declining and miniscule number? The logical conclusion points to confirmation of an existing strategic alliance among the reds, the yellows, even the church and other groups of different colors from the political spectrum who want nothing but to remove Duterte from the presidency - their “basis of alliance”. But this alliance has failed to muster the required number to bring down the government despite several attempts of machinations. They tried to mobilize their forces on many occasions like the issues on EJK, Martial Law in Mindanao, Marcos Burial, EDSA Anniversary, Marcos Martial Law Anniversary, the imprisonment of De Lima, the ouster of ex CJ Sereno, and many more but they can only gather a few thousand combined forces on the streets in Metro Manila which, from a revolutionary standard, a miserable failure on mass street mobilization campaign. This is an affirmation that the grassroots or the masses do not buy the black propaganda and indoctrination they have been parading around.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo credit: ABS-CBN

But the Filipino people should be vigilant nowadays as recent indicators point to the fact that the Anti Dutertards are now resorting to the only remedy left for them in bringing down this government and that is the “boiling point” or the “percolation threshold” theory in the revolution. This is a strategy of getting a well-informed critical mass of population through fanning a small amount of fire, thus turning it into a small flame and then bombard it with a kerosene to spread like a wild fire to move the majority of the country’s population into one direction – against the government. To do this, they need about just 10 percent of the country’s population to stage something dramatic that would go viral to convince the rest of the population to fight the Duterte Administration.

So, we need to be critical in our reading of what is going on in this country nowadays to avoid being trapped and held hostage by the Anti Dutertard’s scheming design. Look at how the opposition used the death of the late Mayor Halili as a propaganda against the administration! Senator Hontiverus readily called it an attack against the country’s democracy which is echoed by the Liberal Party members and their red allies and further used it to describe the dismal state of our country’s peace and order as stupidly slanted by Bam Aquino. What? Since when is a mayor’s death an attack against democracy? How idiotic is that Senator Hontiverus? Mayor Halili was an LP member during the time of Aquino and is included in the Narco List under the Duterte administration but turned away from LP to help Duterte on his campaign against drugs as his alleged drug involvement was during the time of Aquino. You think by killing him, the Duterte administration will benefit from it? Or is it likely that he was killed because he might spill the beans to Duterte on the yellow’s involvement of drugs in his area such that by silencing him eternally will absolve the yellows of any liability and at the same time use his death as propaganda against the Duterte Administration. So, who benefits from his death by hitting 2 birds in one bullet? Certainly the yellows and therefore, they are guilty of staging it.

The anti Dutertard’s desperation is now more revealing by using cheap gimmickry in their attempt to ignite a fire of discontent against the government. Look at how Hilbay, Carpio, Batongbakal and the opposition used the tarpaulin displayed recently describing Philippines as a province of China as another propaganda issue against the administration. You think Duterte and Chinese government would do that? What benefit will they get out of it? Of course, nothing as both parties are now engaged in a series of bilateral negotiations to resolve the territorial dispute. But who benefits on this gimmickry? Certainly, it is the opposition and their allies from the reds. So, the logical conclusion is that the tarps were set up by the yellows themselves in collaboration with their red allies as their black propaganda against the Duterte administration in a desperate attempt to fan a level of discontent so they get that critical mass of population to bring their strategy to the level of the boiling point in the hope of removing Digong from Malacanang. Since such stupid act boomeranged to them, they are now playing it down by calling it as a form of protest, as what Hilbay lately explained. My ass!

The Filipino people are not that stupid as you think they are and the more you resort to such stupid gimmickry, the more you become isolated and hence, rendered your plot to become what it is today – a pure idiotic shenanigan. You will never have that critical mass of population supporting your journey to that tipping level of social discontent because the political maturity of the Filipino people will be the fire hose ready and willing to drowse whatever small fire you can create in trying to fool us around. Even if you pile the corpses of the entire opposition leadership in the coffins paraded by the church leaders, the Filipino people will just ignore this as pure cheap gimmickry which should be dismissed with disdain. Sanamagan!

The recent decline of PRRD’s satisfaction rating can be considered as the rock bottom and it can never go beyond that as these figures came out amidst the compounding controversial policies and pronouncements of Digong including the implementation of policies which temporarily affected the grassroots, e.g. the anti Tambay policy, curfew, and his attacks against religious leaders. But these numbers are expected to go up and his ratings will soar again once the long term impact of the wrongly perceived grassroots policies are felt by the masses. While the Anti Duterte forces were jubilating on these numbers, the fact remains that those who are undecided and dissatisfied do not necessarily support the yellows and the reds and therefore, such will never improve their cause.

Very soon, PRRD will appoint the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, thus liberating the institution from the clutches of the yellow manipulative influence. Ombudsman Conchita Morales will step down on 23 July and Digong will appoint a new graft buster of his choice. You can imagine the barrage of cases to be filed against the then corrupt LP leadership and with all their corruption scandals be exposed to the public which the current Ombudsman did not bother to act on; Elections will be conducted in May 2019 and the current survey shows no LP is included in the magic 12. They will lose Trillanes and Bam Aquino and the opposition at the Senate will be reduced to only 4 with De Lima being in continuous detention. Alejano and Lagman will slug it out to the Senate but will certainly lose and this means, less 2 barking dogs in the House of Representatives; The New constitution will soon be adopted and this will terminate the presence of the Makabayan block congressmen, the Magdalo and other anti Duterte party list groups and thereby losing their fat source of income and resources which many perceived they used in destabilizing the government; the Build Build Build projects and the various socio economic programs of the government will soon take off with massive constructions activities which can generate employment and would therefore contribute to the growth of our economy which the poor will definitely benefit from.

So from hereon, the Duterte presidency will be on the offensive in terms of program implementation for the poor and at the same time, unleash its attack against the yellows and their oligarch cohorts by filing strings of plunder and other corruption cases against them at the Sandiganbayan to be initiated by the new Ombudsman and when they reach the lap of the Supreme Court, we worry no more considering its perceived impartiality with the ouster of Sereno from the institution. And while they cry in pain for the “just and humane persecution” launched against them for their grievous sins to the people, they will also be reduced politically to the level of just being nuisance on the streets, stripped of employment, resources and influence on the country’s political circus.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo credit: Interaksyon

But these anti Dutertards can choose to go extreme by attempting to take down Duterte by force through his assassination so Leni Robredo can instantly assume the post under a coalition government with the reds using her as a puppet President. But do you think the Filipino people will just sit on their assess watching these morons in bringing this country to the folds of an antiquated and rotten ideological communist fanaticism? It’s like trying to ram a shitload of human dung on our throat which Filipinos will definitely resist with bloody response. Yes folks, if the reds will do that, the country will slide into anarchy and the yellows can forget about the constitutional succession as the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the PNP and with all the massive support of the people will prevent the reds from seizing power. A military takeover is expected and the installation of the new national leaders will be organized through elections, thus holding the anti Dutertards responsible for any attempt on the life of the President.

So, in the ultimate analysis, the demonic alliance of the yellows, the reds and other colors including the church will not bring them any closer to their diabolic desire of igniting a fire of discontent among Filipinos to drive them into supporting the oust-Duterte plot. And the sad thing about them is that they are running out of time. 

In the case of the yellows, post 2019 elections scenario would cut the number of their legislators at the Senate and with their allies in the lower house being annihilated politically including the Makabayan block either by election defeat or the shift to federal form of government which would shove them away with the abolition of the current party list system controlled by the reads and other Anti Dutertards. The yellows will then fade away into the state of political oblivion and with the expected rise of new opposition group, the LP will be sent to its final resting place buried with it whatever chance left for a political come back.

In the case of the reds, with the advanced age of Joma Sison and his deteriorating health, he will soon join his creator, hopefully, the God of Duterte, who will angrily slap him right and left and kick his butt hard like a soccer ball gunning for a goal, for being a pain in the ass and for causing the protracted war which cost thousands of Filipino lives in waging that meaningless revolution. With no one holding the baton of the revolutionary movement orchestra and coupled by the intensified localized peace talks by Duterte, the CPP/NPA/NDF leadership will soon become a skeletal revolutionary group in a state of comatose whose death will eventually signal the culmination of 5 decades of extortion, terror, kidnapping, ambuscade and other heinous criminal activities camouflaged as “people’s war”. 

What a bitter way to end such a failed revolution with people spitting on their graveyard with disgust and indignation and refusing to remember the noble cause of their “revolutionary existence”! Indeed, that sucks!

So, for the Dutertards, let’s join Digong in dismissing the decline of his satisfaction rating published by the bias SWS survey firm in cahoots with its oligarch patrons. We used their manipulated numbers to assess our strength and to have the vantage point. In the next few months, when the government finally launches its offensives, the soaring numbers will just be a natural phenomenon in this government. More importantly, let us enjoy with vigilance how the protagonists of the government will run for cover under the rain of people’s resistance as they pursue with their idiotic and insane political machinations to destroy the impregnable Presidency of Duterte… 

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