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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thieves of public health funds! New York University alumna slams Hontiveros, Garin over PhilHealth fund anomalies

Risa Hontiveros photo from Canadian Inquirer; Janette Garin photo from Twitter
Krizette Laureta Chu, a well-known writer, socio-political commentator and ardent supporter of the Duterte administration, recently published a Facebook post which both criticized and slammed two notable affiliates of the previous Aquino administration, Senator Risa Hontiveros and former DOH Secretary Janette Garin.

Chu's wariness is anchored on the alleged sabotaging of public health (PhilHealth) funds by the above-mentioned officials.

Photo from Philstar
According to Chu, both Hontiveros and Garin whom she alleged to have benefitted a lot from the funds of PhilHealth, had received considerable amount charged from the PhilHealth funds. This, as Chu put it, led to the bankruptcy of the health insurance company which deprived many Filipinos of their right to quality and free public health services and benefits.

Photo from Philrepublicnews

Sino ang nasa Philhealth circa 2015, di ba Ikaw Senator Risa Hontiveros? Anong alam mo dito, babae ka?

Sino ang nasa DOH circa 2015, di ba ikaw, Janette Garin?

Kelan ang usapang DENGVAXIA purchase? Di ba around this time?

At bakit si JANETTE GARIN ang highest paid secretary nung time ni Noynoy? She received 2.2 million a year, plus another 400k for being a chairperson of PHILHEALTH?

Anong meron sa kanya?

Ang hilig nyo tumingin sa conflict of interest, Hontiveros, unahin ninyo ito. Chairman ng PHILHEALTH tapos trinansfer lang din nya sa DOH yung funds nya sa PHILHealth, ngayon magkaka leche leche ang PHILHEATH.

There is no greater crime than stealing from PUBLIC HEALTH FUNDS! Ilang tao ang hindi mabibigyan ng tulong kasi binankrupt nyo ang PHILHEALTH.

No wonder pinapa resign lagi si Duterte. Daming ka lechehan nila ang malalaman.

Mga P***** IN* TALAGA. Ito yung mga kalidad ng mga babae ninyo." 

Here are some reactions from netizens on Krizette Chu's post:

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