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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Veteran columnist: Four Aquino appointees should find some courage in their hearts to give up their P2-3 M salaries to defend human rights

Aquino’s four appointees Gascon, Cadiz, Armamento, and Gana (clockwise) at the CHR / composite photo from the Manila Times

Manila Times veteran columnist on Monday called on Commission on Human Rights chairman Jose (“Chito”) Gascon, together with the body’s three other commissioners to resign immediately, if they truly care about the human rights.

Rigoberto Tiglao, who is also a former diplomat, said that these Yellow Cult CHR members should vacate their position and find courage to give up their huge salaries.

Tiglao named the following Aquino administration appointed officials who should immediately leave so the president could appoint someone independent of the opposition.

• Roberto Cadiz, one of the private prosecutors against Chief Justice Renato Corona in his impeachment trial in 2012;

• Leah Tanodra-Armamento, one of the three undersecretaries of then Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, now accused of being involved with top drug lords of the country; and

• Gwendolyn Pimentel-Gana, the sister of Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd, a staunch ally of former President Aquino before he switched loyalty to President Duterte when he saw the groundswell of support for the Davao City mayor just before the May elections.

Further, Tiglao noted why the president allowed Pimentel to become the Senate President, “when his sister was with the gang painting him as a bloody killer to the world.”

“These four should find some courage in their hearts to be willing to give up their P2.5 to P3 million salaries—even if these represent the highest pay they have received all of their working lives—for the sake of human rights victims. They seem to be bright – they’ll manage to get the same kind of paychecks after a few years of hard work, I hope.” The columnist added.*

Tiglao also noted that CHR has been totally discredited for being a propagandist against the Duterte administration. With this, it cannot perform its main function as it immensely rely on the assistance of other agencies such as the Philippine National Police, the justice department, and the judiciary.

"How could these agencies support the CHR’s investigations, when it has been indisputably clear that Gascon isn’t really interested in defending human rights but only in throwing dirt at Duterte." he said.

In a previous article, Tiglao already tackled the lies of Gascon during the Oslo Freedom Forum where the CHR chair said that Duterte has forced Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales to step down, removed the former chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, and that Duterte’s war against illegal substance have kilIed ten thousand Filipinos.*

Gascon presenting his list of women persecuted by Duterte, including Ombudsman Morales who he claimed the President forced to resign. Photo from Manila Times

Further, Tiglao added that Gascon’s lies did not stop there as he also had his article published in Time magazine’s May 30 issue in which reads: “Duterte’s war vs drugs has resulted in tens of thousands of casualties from deadly police operations or extra-judicial kiIlings, with no end in sight. To date, no person has been held to account for any abuse of authority or human rights violations in these . Impunity—a reality in my country even before Duterte—has reached unprecedented levels.”

According to Tiglao, Gascon did not even bothered himself to explain the source of his figures, which was disputed several times already by the authorities.

“It is a lie that “no person has been held to account”: The PNP has referred to the Justice Department for prosecution about a hundred policemen who allegedly kilIing unarmed suspects, including the case of three Caloocan policemen executing 17-year-old Kian de los Santos.” Tiglao wrote.

“What is so shameful about Gascon is that in his speeches and articles, he never discloses that he has been since the 1980s a Yellow cultist, who held the high post of director general of the Liberal Party. Thus, he conceals – successfully – the reality that for all his purportedly bleeding-heart concern for human rights, his main agenda has been to be the Yellows’ demolition crew against Duterte.” He added.

Source:  Manila Times