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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Veteran Investment Banker admired by Duterte’s revelation of religious myths

Stephen “Steve” CuUnjieng, photo from
President Rodrigo Duterte found an ally with investment banker and Ateneo De University Alumnus Stephen “Steve” CuUnjieng in his sequence of tirade against God and the Catholic Church.

Steve considered President Duterte’s remarks as a welcome surprise in uncovering long – hidden secrets of the church and religious myths.

Once quoted by Manila Times columnist Bobi Tiglao, Steve said, “I never thought I would see a Philippine president take on the Church and now even better the ridiculous creation story in my lifetime. Bravo.”

Not known to many, Steve currently sits as Chairman of the leading global investment bank, Evercore Asia Limited and served as an Advisor to the Board at the fastest-growing and leading independent oil company in the country, Phoenix Petroleum Philippines. 

He was also Managing Director at Merrill Lynch where he headed Power and Energy Investment Banking for Asia and became Investment Banking Country Head for the Philippines. Steve has been in investment banking and financial services since 1986.

Stephen CuUnjieng, photo from Google

Malacañang Palace has taken the edge off the issue when Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque announced on Saturday, the pre – discussed and upcoming one – on – one dialogue by the President with Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) President Archbishop Romulo Valles.

“That is most welcome development. To dialogue, to listen to one another, is always good,” Valles implied during his interview with Radio Veritas last Tuesday about a possibility of the said dialogue.

The President had recently formed a committee to hold dialogues with the country’s different religious leaders and take care of the faith despite the controversies hounded the religious sector especially the Catholic faithful.

Read some reactions from netizens below:

Nila Diamada Esabidra: The only president who can do all these change.walng tumitira sa cbcp n ksng tapang n digong.sana maintndihan ito ng mga catholics be humble ang mga pari mramng flaws dahil tao lng dn.sana open 4 change dn para sa pgkkaisa

Daniel Damasco: Its time to change the destructive attitude of the CBCP and support the govt..If not, the catholic may be ruined becoz of its excesses.. it is aligned to the major crab organizations.. you name it and the CBCP is involved..LP a.k.a dilawans, leftist groups,UP, lumads, rights groups and others that stunt the growth of the the friction drags.. CBCP is further exposed of its hypocrisy,anomalies,money and monkey short.. of being a cult religion! So it must really stop to always hold hostage the govt becoz of its desire to retain its misplaced influence in politics..Good for the country!

William Espinosa: The Damaso has really emerged in this modern generations. They hide inside the church. The term Damaso is taken from the brutal and rude priest during Rizal time. Hypocrite PADRE DAMASO is corrupt greedy of money , rapist and twist the law of the land by bribe. In this time its happening the Catholic church connived the once ruthless corrupt powerful Yellow Administration who control the Phil Govt since Marcos was ousted .thru the evil efford of Cory Aquino to bribe the Catholic Church in the guise of a lampsum Millions donation peridically using Pork Barrel sign by Cory their mafia w/ the powerful Catholic Sect work and people money were misused and goes to the pocket of powerful person in the Phils and Catholic Church is their bait.


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