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Friday, July 27, 2018

Who is Bong Go? A shocking exclusive interview with Rappler's Pia Ranada

SAP Bong Go and Pia Ranada. Image combined credit to Wikipedia 
Yes, you heard it right. Rappler was given a chance to have an exclusive interview after President Duterte won presidency in May 2016. Bong Go and Pia Ranada of Rappler had a one on one chat in Davao to one of the favorite  restaurant of President Duterte. She titled the said article  with "The man they call Bong Go". And it started with this....

Christopher “Bong Go at an early age sustained his obsession with political occasions. When he was twelve, when Nuns and soldiers stand eye to eye in EDSA he was there to stroll all by himself to glance around and be captivated by the change around him without his parents knowing it. He even memorized the names of all the powerful individuals such as the Congressmen, Mayors and Vice Mayors in Davao City.

He is now known as the President’s Special Assistant. His face, cut into emaciation by the determined campaign pace, is a staple in each Duterte photo. The media even gave him a title of being the “national photobomber”. He is dependably in front yet never the focus. He is always the best supporting actor but never the star.

Image credit to Facebook/ SAP Bong Go
Bong was interviewed at After Dark, while Duterte is just a couple of steps away. During that interview it was Bong’s turn to be the star.

Bong recalls his connection to Duterte, his grandfather, August Tesoro, whose family established Davao City’s biggest printing press. His grandfather was so close to Duterte that when the last needed to steal away with the lady who might turn into his significant other, August was their driver. August was even the Principal sponsor of Duterte and Elizabeth when they got married.

In 1998 when Duterte’s assistant Jimboy Halili died, hewas then a congressman. He was looking for somebody to get his things from Manila. It's fortunate Bong, his companion's 24-year-old grandson who was in Manila. Bong got the stuff. He himself doesn't precisely know how the progress happened. "Bit by Bit" Duterte came to endow him with an ever increasing number of tasks, he said.

President Rodrigo Duterte and SAP Bong Go. Image credit to Pinterest
“Ako ‘yung parang one-man stop niya. Lahat, babayaran niya, issue siya ng tseke, punta kami ng gasolinahan,”

Soon, Bong became Duterte’s “utility man”, he was then responsible for both personal and official matters.

“Lahat ng needs niya sa bahay. Gasul? Pag naubusan siya ng gasul. Groceries. Kapag nasira ‘yung ilaw sa bahay,” he said.

According to Bong there was a time when he picked up Duterte from his house at 3am to bring him to the hospital because of stomach aches. At the point when Duterte's head of staff, Patmei Ruivivar, left in 2010, Bong went up against a portion of her assignments too.

Taking all things together, Bong has been close by four of his seven terms as Mayor, his one term as Vice mayor, and a few long periods of his term as congressman. He has experienced each one of the crusade seasons going before these terms.

President Rodrigo Duterte and SAP Bong Go. Image credit towww.pasei.com
Most likely the hardest race the two weathered together was when Duterte attempted to recover his mayorship after his term as congressman, a spell he portrayed as "boring."

He was up against reelectionist chairman Benjamin de Guzman who, while Representative Duterte was far away in Manila, had been building his own particular alliances.

“Kaunti lang kasama ni Mayor at that time, congressman siya eh, umiiwas sa kanya ‘yung mga tao. Kami lang talaga, sariling sikap talaga,” said Bong.

With his supporters of four steadfast comrades, including Bong, Duterte did his best to persuade Davaoeños to make him Mayor again.

Duterte won. All of a sudden, he was dominant once more.

“Noong nanalo siya, pumunta kami ng hotel, ‘yung grupo naming apat. Ang dami nang nakapaligid. Ganyan talaga naman ‘yun. Kaya kami, sanay na kami diyan sa politics,” said Bong.
President Rodrigo Duterte and SAP Bong Go. Image credit to SunStar Superbalita Cebu
Duterte's popularity is higher than any time in recent memory. Bong checks him out, at all the general population groveling over his boss.  Nothing new, he said.

Bong is now forty two years old, he has a wife working in a family business, a teen son and daughter.

“Nasanay na rin” he says, about how his family deals with his hectic schedule.

Since a vacation leave is alone for the inquiry for him, about the main time he gets the chance to travel to another country with his family is when Duterte and his family travel to another country as well. The quantity of messages Bong gets is in a roundabout way corresponding to the quantity of hours he gets the chance to rest. If Duterte is busy, Bong is busier.
Go with Duterte at the Philippine Star interview. Image credit to ABS-CBN News
Go with Duterte at the Philippine Star interview. Image credit to ABS-CBN News
Bong isn’t just an Events coordinator. He is the gateway to Duterte, he is the portal to Duterte. In fact any legislator or writer will reveal to you that, to get to Duterte, you have to experience Bong first. 

Indeed, even the White House needed to call Bong first. Bong sees his part as the channel that enables Duterte to center around the major choices.

When Duterte was asked what Bong's part would be in his administration, he had kidded, "Siya 'yung commander-in-chief."

Way back in October 2015, There were gossipy tidbits flying around, even on national media, that around 1 pm, Duterte was at that point in Manila on his approach to document his application. A private stream had been sent to Davao City just to whisk him to his fate.

From various perspectives, Bong is as yet that kid pulled in like a moth to the fire of bigger occasions, bigger individuals.


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