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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Accountabilities Of A Christian

In this world full of uncertainty, where danger is just close at hand, where people sometimes get into trouble because of what they say, hear, feel or do, where your don't know whom to trust when get entangled with trials, there is one thing we need to take note of so we can safeguard ourselves and avoid getting involved -- carefulness.

During my childhood days, I was taught of a song with the same title as this article and it was actually my inspiration for writing this. The lyrics maybe simple, but the impact is as heavy as that of a sermon from a great minister. Let me share some things we need to be careful of.

What we see. Some studies say that what our eyes see can be vividly recalled by our minds and be stored there as memories if we would keep remembering them. That is why we need to be careful of what we see. Movies and shows we watch, pictures and videos we might be browsing, posts we read, they may lead us to sin unknowingly or get our crafty minds working though we intend not to.

What we hear. We should be aware of what we listen to -- whether news, stories, music or anything else we hear. Unknowingly, we can hear news which soon turn to gossip. We can tune in to music that is pleasing to hear but the lyrics are not that pleasant for our spirit. So we must take note of what we listen to. Listen to things that would feed our soul.

What we say. We should not just watch what we say directly from our mouths but also what we post, what we send, what we write, what we advise, what we email, what we blog, and the like. We should not let our mouths gauge God's work in our lives.

Where we go. We should also take note of the places we go to, who we go with, what we do with them. We should be aware that Christ is in us and what we do in the places we are at concern not just us but also Him who lives in us. If we go to places we ought not to be, sadly, we drag His presence to a place where He doesn't deserve to be, a place not fit for a King.

Whom we trust. We should first and foremost put our trust in God. He is the only certain hope we can surely trust. If we trust in ourselves or in others much more than we trust in God, it means we are boasting before Him and don't acknowledge His power, wisdom and sovereignty. So we should be careful whom we trust with things and to whom we entrust all things. It is only Him and nobody else.

Having stated these, I hope we will be very careful how we live. We should beware of what we see, what we hear, what we do, where we go and whom we trust; for in the end, we will be accountable to Him who has given us this life we have. So just a piece of advice my friends, be careful -- for the Father up above is looking down and up! Be careful on how you live.