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Friday, August 3, 2018

ANOMALY on our votes? | An IT system engineer's analysis on Glenn Chong's exposé pushes for RevGov

Atty. Glenn Chong and netizen Gerard Dacudao post on Facebook. Image combined credit to Rappler and Facebook
It is very clear that there were ghost Vote Counting Machines (VCM) that endeavored to inquiry a specific DNS server before the decisions on the 9th of May year 2016. It should be a disarmed time between 6th to 8th of May. No VCMs should question the servers amid this time. Why did a ghost machine try to question on May 8 when each of the 62 machines of  Sagñay, Camarines Sur say, based on each log document of the said 62 machines their last inquiry was on May 5.

Gerard Dacudao, a graduate of University of the Philippines and a Duterte supporter took Facebook in expressing his analysis on the Senate hearing with Att. Glenny Chong the other day.

A statistically impossible come back of Leni Robredo. The outcomes justify itself with real evidence. What is more factually unthinkable LP ticket getting in the Magic 12 of the Senate. How can 6 LP applicants win the 12 senate seats when PRD won by a 6M edge against LP leading figure?

If a voter voted for Duterte, they would not vote in favor of any LP hopeful with the exception of the Sen. Villanueva who was renowned for his expert preparing program for poor people. In any case, why such an inconsistency in the broadcasted comes about?  Most probably it is the VCMs.

Everything signifies a trick, just an idiot will state generally. With this defective tallying machine on our votes, Sovereignty, Where is it now? We grumble on the EEZ on WPS and yet we do not actually whine on this kind of glitch on our votes. Have we lost our psyches? Where are those yellow democracy devotees on that side of the political hurdle? You should be feeling irate at this. Democracy is what we call ourselves; do we really deserve this kind of Politics?

This is tremendous. Our counting component is clearly traded off. We should not have another decision until the point that this component is supplanted by another framework.  Smartmatic  is something that no legitimate nation should ever utilize.

Last 2016, we had a disappointment of election. Mr. Perez should probably go for RevGov and demonstrate the restriction how the Duterte supporters will secure you in the lanes and in the numerous open squares of real capitals or just disregard this explicit spit on our national power. ? No democracy can ever claim to be one without a dependable tallying instrument. Until when can we accept this injustice of stealing of our collective voice as Filipinos?

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Former Cong. Glenn Chong's analysis was solid as rock. It is as clear as night and day there were ghost Vote Counting Machines (VCM) that tried to query a particular DNS server BEFORE the elections on May 9, 2016. When it was supposed to be a "demilitarized time" betwen May 6-8. No VCM machine should query the servers during this time. I am an IT systems and network engineer in my past life and I understand the jargon. Why on earth did a ghost machine attempt to query on May 8 when all 62 machines of Sagñay, Camarines Sur say, based on each log file of the 62 machines, that their last query was May 5?

You tell me. VCM ghost machines?
The results speak for itself. A statistically impossible come back of FVP Leni. And a statistically impossible LP ticket getting in the senate Magic 12. How on earth can 6 LP candidates win the 12 senate seats when PRD won by a 6M margin against the LP standard bearer? My own exit poll on election day showed that if a voter voted for Duterte, they would not vote for any LP candidate except for the Tesda-man, Sen. Villanueva who was famous for his professional training program for the poor. But why such an anomaly in the proclaimed results?
Answer: Most definitely, the ghost VCM machines.
Ok, maybe we the Dtards got it all wrong. Right? Then why on earth the delaying tactics to unearth the data which is supposed to be public? Why the wet ballots? Why the BS on shading leniency?
It all adds up to a conspiracy. Only an idiot will say otherwise.
And we call ourselves democracy? With this flawed counting mechanism on our votes? Where is our sovereignty? We complain on the EEZ on WPS yet we dont complain on this ANOMALY on our votes? Have we lost our minds? Where are you yellow democracy lovers on that side of the political fence? Where art thou? You must be angry at this too as it takes the floor out of our house cant you see??
This is so huge. Our counting mechanism is CLEARLY compromised. We must not have another election until this mechanism is replaced by another system. Smartmatic was invention from shady Venezualan sources that no honest country must ever use.
We had a failure of elections last 2016. If I were you Mr. Prez, it is either you go for RevGov and show the opposition how we the Dtards will protect you in the streets and in the many public squares of major capitals in the world OR ignore this blatant spit on our national sovereignty. It is difficult yes but how can we stomach this aberation? Until when shall we stomach the larger injustice of stealing of our collective voice as a People? No democracy can ever claim to be one without a reliable counting mechanism.

According to a video that was uploaded on Facebook,

Senate President Tito Sotto, was really the person behind giving a break to make the issue on VCM come out. He asked for the DNS logs where the 459 voting machine was first passed by, that are ready to transmit the results a day before the elections on May 8.

The Comelec did not bring anything, though Senator Pimentel saw some parts of the logs dated May 9. It has been 5 months since Senator Sotto requested for it but even the Comelec knows that they might ask for it again they still did not brought it to the hearing. This is because they know that they will really be responsible for it if they bring it. But then when they knew that there is already a copy they said that they will give it on the next day. Chairman Abas’ reaction was really unexplainable.

Senator Sotto expected that the Comelec will answer the questions completely during the hearing. They don’t have anything but their lies and alibies. And leni’s supporters cannot do anything about it.


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