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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ben Tulfo during an ambush interview with mainstream media: “You guys are source of fake news!”

Ben Tulfo says during an ambush interview with the media that they are the source of fake news. Image s combined credit to ABS-CBN and
According to Ben Tulfo, the Media is the source of fake news

Could not prevent himself from condemning his own partner in the media industry, Ben Tulfo, Bitag Media Unlimited Inc producer, after he got a terrible depiction on a few news networks due to the questionable P60-M Department of Tourism and PTV ad deal.

After the Senate investigation on the said argument, during an interview Ben Tulfo stated his frustration on how the media depicted his as “corrupt” and apparently composed deluding reports about him.

Tulfo siblings during the blue ribbon committee yesterday for the 60-M DOT ads. Image credit to GMA
According to Ben Tulfo, “Matagal na kong nanahimik sa inyo, unang una wala naman akong nakukuhang patas na mga balita niyo eh.”

They  are the “source of fake news” that is what Tulfo told some members of the media.

“Tinabla niyo ko sa GMA, tinabla niyo ko sa ABS-CBN, tinabla niyo ko sa ibang istasyon,” he said.

Ben Tulfo during an ambush interview with the media. Image credit to
He called the attention of the news of some media networks about him are already twisted.

He also clarified during an ambush interview, how the controversy began and fortified his side from the allegations of his criticizers.

For over two decades Ben Tulfo worked for Media as a TV and radio personality.

The Senate investigation on the controversial ad deal was attended by Ben Tulfo, with Erwin Tulfo his brother and sister Wanda Tulfo- Tea previous tourism Secretary. During the investigation, the Tulfos claimed their innocence over the argument and Ben likewise said that the P60-M that they got from the ad deal will not be returned.
Ben Tulfo and sister Wanda Tulfo Teo. Image credit to CNN Philippines
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