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Bongbong Marcos is ready to be the next President of the Philippines

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos. Image credit to South China Morning Post
Bongbong Marcos sad that he is prepared for the presidency and will make a great governance as a need of his administration, endeavoring to make light of President Duterte’s statement that he can be a Malacanang successor. Marcos Showing up at the Nanka news forum said that the enhancement of the economy with the interest of consumers a need is likewise a goal.

"I think the President is doing the greater part of this joking," the main child of the late president Ferdinand Marcos reacted to Duterte's statement that he will surrender the administration if the youthful Marcos will be an ensured successor.

The top three priorities of the new Marcos administration, Bongbong said that everything should focus in on the “return of good governance.”

He expressed that despite the way that his father was fallen because of allegations of huge graft and defilement during his developed term in office. "Hindi na kailangan magsabi ng top three, we simply need to come back to great administration,” he said.

Bongbong Marcos Prediction: Election Results Vice President. Image credit to fearless predictions real psychics
Recalling the late President Cory Aquino made a government agency in which the Presidential Commission on Good Government exclusively to indict the Marcoses and their associates on graft-related cases and recoup billions of pesos in allegedly ill-gotten wealth. Bongbong clarified that cases have to be sure been recorded by the PCGG yet so far none thrived.

Rather, the PCGG is presently being tried to be eradicated by Congress with Bongbong Marcos translating the action as a clue that the nation needs to proceed onward than be impeded by military law issues that have just been settled.

“Government has to return to a culture of service and not corruption. Kapag nagawa mo iyan, everything will follow,” he stressed.

In any case, the previous Senator expressed that he does not even take Duterte's testimonial so truly and bringing up that the chief executive is completely mindful that Filipinos need his assistance. “I know he is still needed by this country,” he said.

Consumer interest will also have to be on the front seat of his administration, it was stressed in the same news forum.

"We require more large scale way to deal with the economy yet miniaturized scale approach may enable government to win more," he said. "It can't be all income side."

He referred to previous president and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as being plainly concerned about issues influencing the Philippine economy that she quickly held exchanges with the country’s monetary manager on her first week as the pioneer of the House of Representatives.


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