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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Church, labor groups mark Heroes Day with massive rally, to fight 'livelihood crisis'

Protesters holding banners and placards during a rally / photo file only from Philstar

Manila, Philippines – Some Catholic Church and labor groups expressed commitment to fight “livelihood crisis and societal injustice,” which according to them are kilIing the poor.

The Church-Labor Conference (CLC) said in its National Heroes Day message that they had enough with the neglect and their patience have already run out.

“We are sick of suffering from neglect. Our patience has run out with the ‘crisis in livelihood and reign of injustice in society,’” the group said

The group also recognized the living and dead heroes, who fought for the country.

“Bayani man kung ituring ang mga manggagawa, kami ay hindi mga martir [Even if workers are considered heroes, we are not martyrs],” it added, calling on the government to stop labor contractualization.

“Our united voice is appealing to the government to give every Filipino his/her right to decent life and livelihood, especially the poor,” the group said.

The CLC said that it will fight with the workers so that “God’s peace may truly reign on earth’s kingdom, not money, politics and violence.”

“it is only right for the Church to promote workers’ rights to just pay, secured tenure and organize and strengthen their row.” it said.

Furthermore, the CLC also called on the government to fulfill its duty to take care of the well-being of the Filipino people.

“It is killing them through low wages, rising prices of goods and contractualization,” the group said.

“They also run the risk of being a victim or ‘collateral damage’ of [the Duterte administration’s]war against drugs,” it added.*

The group also hit the government for its unfulfilled promise.

“Where is the promise of change and development? Why did the masses fall into poverty and violence? According to the Church’s statement on social issues, to live with dignity is to recognize and respect the rights [of workers]to secured tenure, just compensation to meet their human needs, so that they may use [them]for food, scholarship, housing and other necessities,” the CLC said.

“The system of contractualization remains despite Executive Order 51 and Department Order 174. Over 10 million people have become jobless, while prices of services and goods soar. It cannot be supported by a small salary,” it added.

The CLC was joined by Kilusang Mayo Uno, Kilos na Manggagawa, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines-Caritas, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila-Archdiocesan for Labor Concerns, Philippine Airlines Employees’ Association, Federation of Free Workers, Kapatiran, Kayumanggi and Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino.

These groups march to protest abuses against workers, low wages, contractualization and human rights.

Reports said that thousands are expected to assemble at Welcome Rotonda in Quezon City and the University of Santo Tomas (UST) along Espana as early as 9 a.m. today, Monday for the “Martsa ng Manggagawa” to Mendiola, Manila.

Source: Manila Times