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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Dr. Erwin Erfe: “Can you explain to us Dr. Duque why Dengvaxia vaccinees are dying?”

Public Attorney's Office (PAO) Forensic Chief Erwin Erfe and Health Secretary Francisco Duque, composite photos from unitednews.net.ph and Scoopnest.com
Corporate and Hospital Law consultant and Public Attorney's Office (PAO) Forensic Chief Erwin Erfe questioned an earlier assertion by Health Secretary Francisco Duque amid ‘malicious and oppressive’ charges filed against him in connection to the Dengvaxia mess.

Along with other former and incumbent government and health officials, Duque were implicated with criminal complaints before the Department of Justice on April this year, for alleged ‘reckless imprudence’ resulting to the death of several youngsters from among the 800,000 school children who received the Dengvaxia Vaccine.

In a press briefing, Duque said, "Why implead a new secretary of Health who had nothing to do with the implementation and continuation? I find that malicious.”

Forensic Chief Erfe, on Saturday, posted in his Facebook account citing Duque, saying, “You said it is not Dengvaxia, can you explain to us Dr. Duque why Dengvaxia vaccines are dying? There are more than 200 deaths reported. We autopsied 74 as of today with the same findings.”
Public Attorney's Office (PAO) Forensic Chief Erwin Erfe, photo from Radyo La Verdad
Erfe leads a team of forensic experts designated by PAO to examine on the children’s cadavers since the first Dengvaxia – related death emerged.

As early as the first 3 children inoculated with Dengvaxia vaccine ALL indicated similar patterns that led to their demise, according to one of the forensic experts. Dr. Erfe and his team were able to thoroughly examine the bodies and discovered the following patterns such as: internal bleeding, enlarged organs and all died within six months after receiving the vaccine.

Dr. Erfe could only hope that these patterns would not lead to the effects of the supposed anti – dengue drug but the death toll just keep on increasing.

“They all died within six months after receiving the vaccine. Their health condition went rapidly downhill,” he said.

“I prayed we would not find a pattern in the deaths of these children, hoping that the rest of our children will be safe. Unfortunately, a pattern is slowly emerging and it is just sad,” he added while implying that there are more bodies lining up for examination.

Dr. Erfe’s Facebook post caught the interest of a netizen named Antonio Tamayo and couldn’t help but to post his stance towards the issue. 

In a lengthy comment, Tamayo wrote, “Re: Dengvaxia Controversy…Is Justice in Slumber? First…. Dengvaxia vaccine injection was undeniably the common cause of those deaths. It was also the First Cause of all these deaths. That being so, all other causes are secondary. Secondly, there was a WHO published warning that the vaccine should Not be injected to those who had been diagnosed of Dengue Fever, This was ignored by the DOH in the purchase and implantation of the vaccine. Third, the vaccine was purchased at an overpriced amount. Fifth, the purchase was done in a manner exceptional to the standard medicines are purchased as needed following budgetary rules and contraints. The rule was to purchase medicines on a staggered manner as they are needed and the constraint is the buget for medicine. These rules were violated when the purchase of Dengvaxia vaccine in a one – time manner…. Not in a staggered procedure, indicative of undue haste. And even at a cost beyond their budget for all medicine supplies. Fifith, those responsible violated the law when they augmented the budget for the purchase from other source, in this case, from PhilHealth. There has been Supreme Court rulings in such practices. Are these 5 glaring truths not enough to charge those criminal and administratively responsible for 74 confirmed deaths and 126 others? Is “Justice” in slumber???”

Meanwhile, Teresita Factora Valledor has a message for Dr. Duque. In her comment, she wrote, “Dr. Duque, prove to the world that Dengvaxia did not have anything to do with these deaths….*Prove it… Otherwise, are you not concern that there is new kind of disease killing some 200 kids, having the same symptoms and the same course of their disease? Maybe there is an Epidemic, seek aid from the international community, this should be your prime concern Sir, Mr. DOH secretary. When are you going to move? What is stopping you Sir. As a pediatric nurse I am concern.. As a citizen I feel obliged to report that there is a certain disease killing 200 young Filipinos, maybe you can help…”


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Source:  Erwin Erfe (Facebook)