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Monday, August 20, 2018

Duterte signs Occupational Safety and Health Law

President Rodrigo Duterte with his special aide, Bong Go / photo file grabbed from Philstar

Manila, Philippines- President Rodrigo Duterte has signed into law a measure seeking to strengthen the compliance of employers with workers safety and health standards.

The chief executive signed Republic Act 11058 or also called as “An Act Strengthening Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards” on August 17 but was released to media only on Monday, August 20.

This new law mandates employers, contractors, and subcontractors to provide the workers with a place “free from hazardous conditions that are causing or are likely to cause death, illness, or physical harm to workers.”

It was also stated that employers are also mandated to give complete job safety instructions, comply with occupational safety and health standards, use only the approved devices and equipment for the workplace – training, medical examination should be included, and if necessary, a provision of protective and safety devices.

Employers who violate the law would face a P100, 000 penalties for each day of violation to be counted from the day that the employer, contractor or subcontractor was notified of violation incurred.

Furthermore, the signed law also calls for the creation of occupational safety and health committee in each workplace.

With that, the committee shall be in charge in planning, development and monitoring of implementation of the safety and health program. Hence, a safety officer shall be assigned to ensure compliance.

The president also signed RA 11057 or an “Act Strengthening the Secured Transactions Legal Framework in the Philippines,” which mandates to provide “the creation, perfection, determination of priority, establishment of a centralized notice registry, and enforcement of security interests in personal property.”

RA 11057 applies to all transactions of any form that secure an obligation with movable collateral, except interests in aircraft and interests in ships.